Dua Lipa Turns Heads Wearing Nothing But Transparent Floral Lace

Dua Lipa posts incredibly sexy new images to her Twitter account.

By Mark McKee | Updated

dua lipa naked

The world is full of massive names and Earth-shattering voices that define the landscape of music, from Aretha Franklin to Whitney Houston to Christina Aguilera; voices can inspire us. One of the biggest names in the industry that has continued to show her talent for the last decade is the extremely powerful voice of Dua Lipa. Of course, she isn’t just a great voice; she is a beautiful soul who supports her friends, as evidenced by her posting a great shot of her on Twitter celebrating Giuliano Calza’s GCDS line at Milan Fashion Week. 

As you can see in the collection of photos, Dua Lipa is giving off her best Morticia Adams in a full-length black dress, utterly sheer with lace and two solid black cutouts covering the important bits. The post contains two shots of her bending over a table with flowers, one of her turned with her back to the camera, and a video of her on the red carpet, carrying her heart in her hand with a heart-shaped bag. The caption confesses happy tears for her friend, Calza, and his show that she called beautiful at Milan’s Fashion Week. 

Dua Lipa is one of the more prolific musical acts in the music industry, showing her abilities by dropping videos of her musical talents doing covers on YouTube before appearing on The X-Factor in 2013. Lipa has received five Brit Awards from 13 nominations, one MTV Video Music Award from 15 nominations, one American Music Award from six nominations, one iHeartRadio Music Award from eight nominations, one Bambi Award, and three Grammy Awards from eight nominations. The singer has also received two Guinness World Records, including the most tickets sold for a live-streamed concert by a solo female artist during the pandemic in 2020 and most monthly listeners on Spotify for a female artist a year later, but without surpassing the all-time peak achieved by Ariana Grande the year of the COVID-19 outbreak.

dua lipa

Along with her friend Giuliano Calza, Dua Lipa shares a passion for fashion, serving as a model for numerous campaigns, most notably Dua Lipa x Pepe Jeans, and appearing on the cover of Elle, Vogue, and Rolling Stone. She also began Service 95, what she calls a culture concierge, a weekly newsletter that recommends under-the-radar places, products, and features for her readership. She parlayed that into a podcast, Dua Lipa: At Your Service, that goes into deep conversation with some of the world’s most inspiring minds, from actors to activists. 

While the singer, model, and entrepreneur is no stranger to showing out on the red carpet or the cover of a fashion magazine or editorial, she continues to blow us away with her ability to turn heads. Using the talents of NY-based make-up artist Samantha Lau, hair stylist Rio Sreedharan, celebrity manicurist Michelle Humphrey, and stylist Lorenzo Posocco, she brought the best look in Milan, on or off stage. It seems that no matter where Dua Lipa goes, all eyes are on her.