Donald Trump Quits The Screen Actors Guild, Read His Resignation Letter

By Doug Norrie | 4 months ago

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is pulling a classic, you can’t fire me because I quit move right now, but it isn’t related to his previous post. No, this time he’s come at odds with another group he used to be associated with before taking on the role of President of the United States. It appears that Trump has put out a letter to the Screen Actor’s Guild letting them know he is quitting their union. And he let them know in very Donald Trump fashion

In a letter penned to Screen Actor’s Guild President Gabrielle Carteris (shoutout to all you Beverly Hills 90210 fans out there), Donald Trump put it all on display for the group. He was responding to the Disciplinary Committee’s threat to remove him from the union after the events on the Capitol last month. Check out what the former President had to say in his letter. It’s very much worth the read.

Ah, it’s all happening here. First, he starts off with the classic, “Who cares!” apparently referring to a person named Who, who does, in fact, care about something. Then, he’s quick to remind Carteris that he’s never heard of her. This is a classic move by Donald Trump when he’s talking to or about someone he definitely knows or has heard of. 

He wastes no time getting to the good stuff, his resume. He walks her through some of his more famous work like Zealander and Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. He even reminds everyone of the Home Alone 2 appearance from 30 years ago. There are a couple of other deep dives like his appearance on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Dude went deep on his IMDB page to crank this puppy out. 

Then, Donald Trump moves on to some other career highlights like resurrecting the cable news industry before blaming SAG for just seeking some media attention by calling him out in public. And finally, he spends a little time trashing the union for doing “nothing” for him over his years as a member. The whole thing is just classic Trump, a reminder of what we are missing since he was banned from social media platforms. 

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This letter, of course, came in response to an upcoming Discipline Committee hearing that threatened to remove him from the union anyway. They were citing his actions involved with the Capitol riot in January as violations of basic union agreements around even possible threats to journalists and media members who are also union members. It stands to reason a committee hearing would have resulted in Donald Trump’s removal from the union anyway. Most other groups are cutting ties with him whenever possible and it’s likely SAG would have followed suit. 

In fact, the Screen Actor’s Guild did respond to Donald Trump penning his letter of resignation from the union. They took things in the opposite direction and used only two words, “Thank you.” I doubt either cares all that much about the other in the grand scheme of things, but seeing a little tift play out in public is always a fun watch.