Devin Ratray, Home Alone Star, Investigated For Horrible Alleged Crime

Devin Rayray, who played Macaulay Culkin's older brother in Home Alone, is now being investigated for a horrible alleged crime that took place in 2017.

By James Brizuela | Published

devin ratray

For those who grew up in the 1990s, Home Alone and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York were a Christmas time essential. Both films started Macaulay Culkin on his journey from a massively popular child actor into a kind of popular adult actor. In both films, Culkin’s character Kevin McCallister had a brother named Buzz McCallister. Buzz was portrayed by Devin Ratray, who is now being investigated for a horrendous alleged crime. A woman accused Ratray of drugging her and raping her back in 2017, though nothing came of the police report she had filed. Now, prosecutors in New York have taken up the case and are investigating the matter.

Devin Ratray had apparently been friends with Lisa Smith for many years before the alleged rape took place. Smith heard about Ratray’s recent domestic violence charges, after he had attacked his now girlfriend, and she decided to follow back up with her rape case that was considered “closed.” Smith spoke about this with CNN. According to Smith, “Seeing that he was accused of assaulting someone else made me realize that I needed to do whatever I could to prevent him from hurting even more women.” The case being closed was enacted shortly after Smith had been interviewed by a detective at her home in Utah. The report had been filed in January of 2018 and closed since Smith allegedly checked the box which meant she did not want to prosecute. However, she has since been contacted by prosecutors about the case, who are now investigating the matter, and Ratray.

Smith spoke about the evening in question. She alleges that she joined Devin Ratray, her brother, and another friend at Ratray’s apartment one evening in New York for a drink. She reaclled that Ratray was adamant about giving her a certain drink. She began to feel extremely tired, and Ratray convinced her to sleep on his couch. She stated that she knew the other two had gone home, and she was alone. She remembers not being able to open her eyes, but she could hear and feel everything going on and referred to the sexual assault as going on for an “eternity.” Ratray has since denied these claims and stated that the two never had sex. Smith recalled that Ratray denied the claims through a text and stated that he was sexually “impotent.”

Smith is now working with prosecutors in New York, as they attempt to gather more information about this alleged rape. She met with a prosecutor who works at the Sex Crimes Unit at the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. The investigation has been going on since May, and the prosecutors had reached out to Smith about text messages, witnesses, and more information about the night she was with Devin Ratray. They had apparently apologized to Smith after how the case was handled, and Smith claimed she had never intended to not attempt to prosecute Ratray.

The prosecutors have taken up this case years later and are actively investigating that night and Devin Ratray. The actor’s recent charges might be a strong reason why he is now being investigated for this alleged sexual assault. Should be found guilty of this horrible crime, we hope that he is punished swiftly. No one should have to go through the things that Lisa Smith has, especially when she had filed a police report on the matter after it had allegedly happened.