See David Arquette Reveal His New Career As A Clown

By Tyler Pisapia | 2 weeks ago

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David Arquette has been experimenting with show business outside the realm of acting in the past few years, most recently by studying to become a clown — an endeavor that he’s taking very seriously for a good cause. Frankly, it doesn’t feel like all that big of a departure for the dude.

David Arquette appeared on a recent episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan earlier this week where he discussed his newfound foray into the world of clowning around. The star said he’s in a bit of a “clown period” in his life and noted that he is currently studying to become a full-fledged clown. During the interview, he even noted that he has a particular admiration for perhaps the world’s most famous clown, Bozo. He also demonstrated that his father had taught him the nose flute.

While it may seem like an odd area to get into at age 50, it’s not altogether surprising for the man who previously threw himself completely into the world of professional wrestling last year. He risked his body and put in countless hours of work in order to be on par with some of the absolute pros who have dedicated their lives to the entertainment sport. It’s also worth mentioning that David Arquette is not just getting into clowning for the love of the game, even if he does just so happen to be a big fan. He has been teasing his clown journey on Instagram for months and explained in his interview that he’s working with the non-profit organization Healthy Humor. They partner with hospitals all across the country to send clowns in to cheer up sick children who could really use a laugh as they seek treatment. 

In addition, although he’s dad to 17-year-old Coco, who David Arquette shares with his ex-wife Courtney Cox, he’s also the parent to clown loving aged children Charlie, 7, and Gus, 4, who he shares with his current wife, Christina McLarty Arquette. So, it wouldn’t hurt to have a fun dad around the house who can play the nose flute and make the occasional balloon animal. 

David Arquette is discussing clowning while on a press tour for his recent reunion with his ex-wife for the fifth installment in the Scream franchise, which hits theaters on Jan. 14. David Arquette is reprising his role as Dewey Riley, who has appeared alongside Courtney Cox’s Gale Weathers and Neve Campbell’s Sidney Prescott in all four of the past movies. For those unfamiliar, the Scream movies were a self-aware installation into the slasher horror genre that began in 1996 when a pair of killers began terrorizing their high school classmates after being inspired by horror movies. The popular film spawned three other successful sequels in which a killer or killers decided to don the infamous Ghostface costume and go on a murder spree of their own. 

According to the trailer for Scream 5, it seems David Arquette’s Dewey is in for more of the same. However, many of the character’s fans are worried about him as the trailer teased him squaring off with the newest iteration of Ghostface man-to-man (possibly woman-to-man, actually). Fans will just have to wait and see the fate of Dewey Riley and how he fares against the fifth wave of murders in the upcoming horror that will kick the genre off in 2022.