Cuba Gooding Jr. Makes Plea Deal In Sexual Abuse Case

By James Brizuela | 1 month ago

cuba gooding jr.

Cuba Gooding Jr. disappeared from the public eye, as he was accused of sexual abuse back in June of 2018. The actor had allegedly touched a woman’s breast without her permission at a Manhattan rooftop bar. More incidents would come out in September and October. Gooding was charged with forcibly touching and third-degree sexual assault based on the occurrences that have taken place from 2011 to 2018. There were some 12 occurrences of this type of behavior from the actor. If convicted, he would have been subject to spending many years in prison. After years of court proceedings, the actor agreed to a plea deal today that would see the actor not face jail time.

Cuba Gooding Jr. has agreed to plead guilty to one count of misdemeanor sexual abuse charges in the Manhattan Supreme court. Complying with this will see the actor’s crime be reduced to a violation and his criminal record completely cleared. While he could have seen plenty of jail time for his sexual abuse charges, they are now being reduced to only one. There have been no further details released, but he may be settling out of court with the victims. The actor initially plead not guilty to all three forcible touching charges that were given to him in October of 2019. Based on this not guilty designation the Manhattan District Attorney’s office began to release information about the 12 other incidents in which the actor was accused of engaging in sexual abuse. Those incidents were asked to be placed as evidence in his case. These incidents were also said to take place in Dallas, Albuquerque, and NYC.

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While Cuba Gooding Jr. seemed to comply with officers and turned himself in when he was asked to, these serious allegations are likely to stain his career for years to come. He may have agreed to a plea bargain to avoid jail time, but he could end up on the sexual predator list for having been charged with a count of sexual abuse. This is speculation, but hopefully, that is the case, as the actor needs to face severe punishment for all these occurrences. He was clearly part of the onslaught of actors and public figures that were named in the #metoo movement, but his current punishment doesn’t seem to be all that terrible considering how many incidents were proposed in court. Honestly, he could have and should have faced some sort of jail time.

Cuba Gooding Jr. is set to appear in the thriller, Beneath, which is set to release sometime this year. His former work was that of the 2020 film, Life in a Year. While it seems as if the actor is still working, he could lose out on a great deal more projects based on today’s ruling in court. The way of the world has certainly changed, and big-name studios might not want to take on the risk they could potentially face by casting someone who has been convicted of sexual abuse. Actors and figures on that side have been canceled plenty, and Mr. Gooding might be among them soon.