See Christina Ricci In A Daring Tiny Lace Dress

Christina Ricci is stunning in Rodarte.

By Nathan Kamal | Updated

christina ricci
Christina Ricci in Wednesday

Christina Ricci is a goth fashion icon, with the image of the Addams Family star decked out in black lace being permanently fixed in the cultural idea of the actress. She is also quite active on social media (her Instagram currently has over 1.5 million followers), often posting pictures of herself in all sorts of incredibly stylish looks. In this case, Christina Ricci posted an image of herself wearing a very daring, low-cut black lace dress with a leopard-print skirt.

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According to the caption of the post, Christina Ricci is showing off a piece by the Rodarte fashion house, which is a particular favorite of the Wednesday star and her young co-star Jenna Ortega. The fashion label is the brainchild of sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy, and this specific dress is particularly scintillating on Christina Ricci, who pulls off the skimpy outfit with aplomb. 

In the first photo, Christina Ricci is standing by a staircase with one hand on the rail. Her hair is cut to a severe, side-parted bob, and she is staring straight at the camera. The top of her Rodarte outfit is entirely made of black lace, styled in a bustier-like, daringly low-cut bodice. The skirt of the dress is in a flash leopard pattern, making it almost appear to be an entirely different outfit.

The second photo shows Christina Ricci much closer, practically leaping out at the camera. From closer up, we can see that the Matrix Resurrections star is wearing a thin gold chain with a tiny pearl, and the Rodarte dress has an intricate metal plate in the center of the top.

christina ricci

Although Christina Ricci is best known as the youthful Wednesday Addams in the 1990s Barry Sonnenfeld adaptations of the gothic family, she has carved out an impressive career for herself as a character actress. She most recently starred in the massively popular Netflix show Wednesday alongside Jenna Ortega, who took on her own version of the iconic deadpan teen. It has not been announced if Christina Ricci will be returning for the second season of the show, which was recently officially renewed by the streaming platform. 

In addition to Wednesday, Christina Ricci stars in Showtime’s breakout horror drama Yellowjackets, alongside Melanie Lynskey, Tawny Cypress, and Juliette Lewis. The series takes place over two timelines, with a group of teen soccer champions stranded in the Canadian wilderness after a horrific plane crash in one and their adult selves adjusting to life in the other. Christina Ricci plays Misty Quigley, the equipment coach of the team who shows both a surprising aptitude for wilderness survival and a disquieting willingness to use violence with a chipper attitude. 

Yellowjackets Season 2 is scheduled to release on March 26, with a third season already renewed by Showtime. Along with her two television series, Christina Ricci will also be playing Dr. Harleen Quinzel in the narrative podcast Harley Quinn & The Joker: Sound Mind, which follows the origin of the character from a brilliant young psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum to her eventual incarnation as a supervillain.