See Christina Ricci In A Skin-Tight Backless Dress

Christina Ricci looks amazing in a backless teal dress.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

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Christina Ricci is as much of a style icon as she is a legendary actress, serving incredible looks in fashion shoots, award ceremonies, and her many film and television projects since the 1990s. In a recent Instagram post from makeup artist Allan Avendano, the Wednesday star poses with her knees bent and her arms stretched over her knees, wearing a gorgeously strange light teal dress. It is both a strangely awkward and graceful pose, which is likely what made Christina Ricci comment “Squats are classy” on the post. 

In the image posted to Allan Avendano’s Instagram, Christina Ricci is wearing a long and flowing teal gown that still manages to be skin-tight. The sleeves flow down over her hands, opera glove-style, while the back of the dress opens up into a bare, halter-like tie. The Yellowjackets star’s hair is brushed tightly back against her head in a very fittingly 1990s look, and her lips are made up with a very dark, nearly black lipstick. 

Thoughtfully enough, the picture of Christina Ricci is tagged with a number of the people involved in the photo shoot, including Allan Avendano himself and fellow makeup artist Ruby Vo, both of whom have worked with up-and-coming starlets like Jenna Ortega and Joey King. Hairstylist Stephen Beaver (who recently worked with Spanish cinema legend Penelope Cruz) is also tagged in the photo, as is stylist Sean Knight. It takes a village to create a look like this, but more importantly, it takes Christina Ricci.

Christina Ricci will always be best known to many audiences as Wednesday Addams in the hit 1990s Barry Sonnenfeld Addams Family films, which also starred the late Raul Julia, Christopher Lloyd, and Anjelica Huston. Since then, Ricci has become a notable scream queen in her own right, starring in hit horror films like Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow (alongside Johnny Depp) and the more recent Monstrous, in which she played a 1960s-era mother dealing with both emotional trauma and a lake monster. At the very least, Christina Ricci really knows how to pick her spooky project.

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Christina Ricci in Wednesday

Netflix subscribers were especially excited to see that Christina Ricci had joined the cast of Wednesday, in which the part of the Addams Family scion was now played by Jenna Ortega (swiftly becoming a scream queen herself in the Scream franchise). Her mysterious role ended up being a little different than many viewers might have expected, but that did not stop Wednesday from becoming one of the streaming platform’s biggest hits ever. We do not yet know if Christina Ricci will be returning for the recently renewed show’s second season, but it seems hard to keep her away from the Addams Family in general. 

Before she potentially returns in Wednesday Season 2, Christina Ricci is definitely coming back for the breakout showtime series Yellowjackets, playing the unnervingly cheerful, show-tune-loving nurse and probable serial killer Misty Quigley. The first season of the cannibal thriller/soccer player series (it makes more sense in context) show currently holds a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes, so we have high hopes for the second.