See Christina Ricci Pose In A Sexy Plunging Black Gown

Christina Ricci looks amazing in a black Vivienne Westwood gown.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

Christina Ricci has been a film star for nearly her entire life, which means that she is more than familiar with red carpets. In a recent picture posted to her social media, Christina Ricci showed off the stunning black gown she wore to the second annual Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences gala, and absolutely demonstrated her mastery of the dramatic pose. If Christina Ricci was not already a goth icon, this dress alone would make her one. 

In the picture posted to her popular Instagram account (868 thousand followers and counting), Christina Ricci is posed in a dramatically low-cut ballgown, which she has tagged as being from the British fashion house Vivienne Westwood. The flowing black skirt of the dress is slit nearly up to her hip, on which one hand rests and the other is draped across her body and covered with silver bracelets. She is wearing brilliantly shining black platform shoes with a heel that looks to be easily six inches in height. 

The bodice of Christina Ricci’s dress leaves her shoulders completely bare, held up by the sorcerers of which only fashion designers know. The bodice itself is decorated with sparkling silver and tied with a black ribbon in the center; it seems to have a hint of a rib pattern to it, which seems perfectly in line with the public image of Wednesday Addams herself. The image is helpfully tagged to indicate that Christina Ricci’s hair was styled by Mark Hampton and her makeup by Alexandra Mandelkorn. 

While she might have been on her way to a gala full of Hollywood’s most famous and talented, the picture sees Christina Ricci surrounded by greenery and posing on a set of stone stairs. In many ways, Christina Ricci has grown to resemble Morticia Addams, which feels fully representative of her evolution from child star to acclaimed actress. It also helps that, according to her, Christina Ricci has grown pretty amazingly comfortable in her own body and she puts it to good use in modeling. 

In recent years, Christina Ricci has begun to move from films to television and is one of the breakout stars of the acclaimed Showtime series Yellowjackets. As the grown-up version of Misty Quigley (played as a teen by Sammi Hanratty), the actress brings her well-developed intensity and an odd dose of bright cheerfulness to a character that pretty much everyone suspects may be a serial killer. Yellowjackets season 2 is currently in production, and we are certainly eagerly awaiting it.

In addition to her role in Yellowjackets, it was recently revealed that Christina Ricci will be starring in the upcoming Tim Burton Netflix series Wednesday. Obviously, getting the 1990s-era Wednesday Addams to play a new character (one “Marilyn Thornhill”) in a series spotlighting the Addams daughter (now played by Jenny Ortega) is quite the get. It will be very interesting to see what direction Christina Ricci’s new character might go in, especially as the new trailer for the show seems to present her as a bright and chirpy contrast to the ultra-serious, probably-murderous Wednesday.