See Christina Ricci Pose In A Golden Collar

Christina Ricci looks fantastic in a black dress and gold collar.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

Christina Ricci is one of Hollywood’s greatest success stories, as it comes to child stars who have managed to stick around the industry long enough to become adults. In addition to becoming an acclaimed actress and humanitarian, the former Wednesday Addams has also turned into one of show business’s most stylish dressers. In this particular Instagram post, Christina Ricci poses in a hotel hallway wearing a figure-hugging black dress and stylish golden collar as a necklace. 

As with most celebrities these days, Christina Ricci has a robust social media presence (with currently 882,000 followers on Instagram alone). Fortunately for all of us, the actress largely seems to use the account to show off her red-carpet looks at very swanky events, all of which are uniformly slinky, stylish, and very sexy. While Christina Ricci did not tag her designers or stylist in this particular post, it seems the black dress is by the New York designer house THAKOON, while the source of the fascinating golden collar remains unknown. 

According to the post, Christina Ricci was attending an event for Global Down Syndrome Foundation in Denver, which also included celebrities like Scrubs’ John C. McGinley, model/actress Brooklyn Decker, and Josh Peck. Christina Ricci has long been involved in many humanitarian movements and is the national spokesperson for the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network.

Of course, Christina Ricci is still an actress and a very busy one at that. She is set to star alongside fellow 00s icon Mena Suvari in a thriller titled The Dresden Sun, as well as voicing the lead character in an adaptation of the novel Unplugged. In recent years, Christina Ricci appeared in the long-awaited reboot/sequel film The Matrix Resurrections, which was received with mixed feelings by fans who apparently just wanted to watch the first movie again. She also starred in the Chris Sivertson horror film Monstrous, as a single mother in the 1950s trying to protect her son from a terrifying creature in a lake. Or is she?

Christina Ricci
Christina Ricci in Yellowjackets

However, Christina Ricci has increasingly moved to television acting, where she has been rightfully acclaimed for her performance in the Showtime series Yellowjackets. As the adult version of Misty Quigley (played as a teen by Sammi Hanratty), Christina Ricci swiftly became the breakout star of the show, portraying an unnervingly chirpy and efficient nurse who also very well might be a serial killer.

Also, Christina Ricci’s character is a member of a girl’s soccer team who survived a plane crash in the Canadian wilderness in the 1990s, all or some of whom may or may not have resorted to cannibalism to stay alive (they definitely did). The surviving players seem to have been rescued at some point and have sworn a pact to not reveal what went down after the crash (eating other people, that’s what). However, it seems dark forces, blackmail, and even some kind of cult are bringing them all back together.

The first season of Yellowjackets became one of the most streamed shows in the history of Showtime, and season 2 is currently in production. We’re excited to see what Christina Ricci gets up to this time.