Chrissy Teigen Returns And Issues An Apology For Her Actions

By Doug Norrie | 2 months ago

chrissy teigen

Chrissy Teigen has some explaining to do about her actions and apparently, she’s in the process of making some amends for her past behavior. With cancel culture rearing its head in the celebrity and model’s direction and she’s apparently starting to feel regretful for things she’s said online in the past. Tiegen took to social media and her blog on Monday to work the apology train a little bit in an effort to get back into the public’s good graces. 

The message from Chrissy Teigen was posted on Twitter and Instagram as well as her blog on Medium that detailed just how sorry she was for her online bullying of some other women celebrities in the past. Teigen did write what amounts to a humbling post that does point to some legit regret on her part for how’s treated others on social media before. At one point she laments the true guilt and shame she’s felt for sending hurtful messages. 

The issue at hand for Chrissy Teigen was the unearthing of old tweets she’d directed at some other female celebrities some years ago. Some were truly bottom-of-the-barrel stuff like a suggestion to Courtney Stodden about a decade ago that the latter should, “Go. To sleep. Forever.” And there was another directed at Lindsay Lohan that suggested the latter should “(add) a few more slits to her wrist when she sees Emma Stone.” This was in reference to Lohan admitting she’d had issues with cutting in the past. 

These past messages from Chrissy Teigen came to light about a month ago and she’s been largely silent and off of social media ever since. In her post today she was apologetic for her actions. She calls herself “a troll” and has said she’s reached out to the people she targeted and tried to apologize. Tiegen says she’s been wracked with guilt since these comments resurfaced, claiming it was actually causing her physical pain. She goes on to lament more about what she did to others in the past and made the point to say this wasn’t how she carried herself in her everyday life. 

The social media fallout for Chrissy Teigen didn’t just hit her in the follows list. There was an economic impact as well. One of her cookware lines, Craving, was pulled from Macy’s stores and Target had apparently done the same. There was a distancing from retail outlets when it came to Tiegen and her products, not wanting to be associated with someone who’d used social media to lob in horrific comments from the cheap seats. There’s been no word if these lines will return to the stores. 

Whether this latest missive from Chrissy Teigen has the desired effect of offering a public apology and stopping the cancel culture train from bearing down on her remains to be seen. She has a large social media reach and that’s not something that can be undone immediately. And the blog post does feel, at least in part, regretful for her past actions. Time will tell if she’s able to turn it around on the public relations front.