See Chris Hemsworth’s Explicit Training Video

By Faith McKay | 2 months ago

chris hemsworth

The main draw to using Chris Hemsworth’s new fitness app is to be just like him, right? Well, according to several versions of Hemsworth, that’s not the true appeal of Centr. The actor posted a fun new video to his Instagram full of naughty words, self-deprecating humor, and other reasons you may enjoy the fitness app he created with a team of trainers and wellness experts. Even if you have no interest in working out or meditating, the explicit video is funny. You can watch it below.

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget how funny Chris Hemsworth can be. He adds a lot of levity to Thor. Maybe it’s the Aussie humor, which shines in the advertisement for Centr. Interestingly, reviews of the fitness app say that Hemsworth himself isn’t a large part of the program. Mostly, the program is run by fitness professionals. So, it makes sense in this video to let people know that if they hate him, that’s great. They can still enjoy his fitness app. On the other hand, the advertisement kind of makes you love him and want to see more of him being funny, doesn’t it? There’s a double-edge sword there for his marketing efforts. 

So what exactly is Centr? Chris Hemsworth started this fitness app back in late 2019. It’s more of a complete wellness program than just a workout app. It comes with plans for meals, meditation, podcasts and blog posts to bring about positive thinking and help users consider their lifestyle decisions, and of course, a variety of workouts. Wired reviewed the app and says the workouts are rewarding and the personal trainers are great. They also said the meal plans were overwhelming, the program was time-consuming, and that there is very little of Chris Hemsworth. Most other online reviews comment on just how time-consuming the program is. 

A celebrity releasing a workout program is nothing new. Suzanne Summers famously made informercial history with the ThighMaster back in the day, proving they can become fairly well-known. One of the interesting things about Chris Hemsworth’s program is the time-consuming element, which is a reason many people won’t like it. While a lot of exercise routines boast that you can get fit in fifteen minutes a day, Centr demands you spend your life focused on wellness. This is more in line with what we hear about celebrity fitness routines in interviews. Dwayne Johnson is asked about his workout routine all the time. What does it take to look like The Rock? Hours a day just focused on eating, let alone the actual workout part. That seems to be true for Hemsworth as well.


Most people probably don’t have the time to live like Chris Hemsworth. They also probably don’t have the need. He is famously in shape, even for a celebrity. Recently, his body double said that Hemsworth is bigger than he’s ever been before. Amusingly, this required his body double to find ways to keep up. That sounds like it could be an advertisement for Centr in itself. Perhaps that’ll be the idea for his next Instagram video.