Chris Hemsworth Is Being Mocked For His New Photo

By Faith McKay | 3 weeks ago

chris hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth recently shared a photo on Instagram where he is walking next to his child. The photo shows off his long hair for his role as Thor, his bulging biceps, and his child wearing a red cape. The image was posted so he could share a cute story in the caption, but many aren’t interested in what Hemsworth wanted to talk about. Instead, they are taking notice of how thin his legs are, especially when compared to the rest of him. Perhaps they wouldn’t have been quite so quick to make fun if the Marvel star’s brother hadn’t jumped right into the comments to make fun.

See the photo of Chris Hemsworth below.

One of the top comments is from Jason Momoa, commenting on the cute story with his kid, and sharing that his own child wants to be Batman. The next comment down is from Liam Hemsworth, Chris Hemsworth’s brother. Liam Hemsworth writes, “Bro?! You’ve been skipping leg days again?!” And with that, let the full mocking of the internet commence. Clearly, you have a lot of power for sibling rivalry when you’re both quite famous.

Most of the commentary has been happening on Twitter, and most of it resembles Chris Hemsworth’s little brother’s observations.

Though some attempted to suggest it’s the angle making Chris Hemsworth’s legs look like that…

Fortunately, of all the celebrities around who could be trolled for skipping leg day, Chris Hemsworth is one of the least likely to seem like he is seriously bothered by it all. He has always had a self-deprecating sense of humor. So while his physique is actually an important part of his brand, he’s likely able to laugh this off.

For example, Chris Hemsworth has a fitness app called Centr. That would make it sound like trending for “skipping leg day” would be a major problem for him. But in the past, his go-to move for drawing attention to the fitness app has been making fun of himself. We’ve seen it in this explicit video he posted to Instagram a couple of months ago, wherein many versions of himself made jokes about how he probably doesn’t meditate, other versions of him are actually in better shape, etc.

Meanwhile, drawing more attention to the photo only points out just how big his arms actually are. Wielding Mjölnir is clearly doing him a world of good. Chris Hemsworth is currently in Australia filming Thor: Love and Thunder. His recent roles as Thor for Marvel or in Netflix’s Extraction have all been ones where he’s had the chance to show off his muscles, so as much as people are teasing about his legs, few people probably actually feel the guy is anything other than in excellent physical shape.

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One of the next big projects for Chris Hemsworth will be starring alongside Anya Taylor-Joy in Mad Max: Furiosa, which will also be filmed in his home country of Australia. It seems like the actor may be pivoting toward roles that allow him to film close to home these days, which likely makes a lot of sense for his growing family. The next family barbecue his brother Liam attends may involve some payback for the Instagram commentary on Chris’s legs, so we’ll have that to look forward to on social media.