Chris Evans Responds After Leaking A Nude Photo Of Himself

By Drew Dietsch | 9 months ago

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Chris Evans recently suffered an embarrassing accident when he leaked a nude photo of himself on Instagram. Fans have been eagerly anticipating what the Captain America actor would have to say after the kerfuffle. Well, Evans has finally responded to the incident.

Chris Evans recently appeared on Tamron Hall’s talk show to help promote his recently launched civic engagement website, A Starting Point. However, it was inevitable that the Marvel Cinematic Universe actor would be asked about the social media snafu. His response was clearly a little reserved but he took it all in stride.

“Look, it was a very interesting weekend, full of lessons learned,” Chris Evans said when Tamron Hall pressed him about the event. When it happened, the blunder became the most talked-about trend on Twitter and created a wave of memes and humorous responses.

Chris Evans was making his first television appearance since the photo went up on social media and he tried his best to be diplomatic about the accident. “You know, things happen. It’s embarrassing, but you gotta roll with the punches,” Evans said with a bit of reluctance.

While it is unfortunate that Chris Evans had to respond to this, it sounds like the celebrated actor did not have a totally negative experience because of the accident. Evans said that he was shown a lot of support by fans and thanked them for being a source of help during this blooper. “I will say, I have some pretty fantastic fans who really came to my support. That was really, really nice,” said Evans.

chris evans nude feature

The Knives Out star accidentally leaked a nude photo of himself when he attempted to share a video of himself and his family playing the mobile party game Heads Up. Chris Evans was using a screen recording program instead of uploading a regular video. In doing so, the end of the screen capture showed what was on his phone’s menu.

And what was on Chris Evans’s phone? A shot of his photo roll that included a nude photo of himself and another NSFW meme that featured Evans’s face. Evans quickly deleted the upload but it had already been captured by others on the internet. This led to the photo and responses to it being shared all over social media.

Chris Evans decided to stay quiet on social media about the accident, so it was only a matter of time before he was forced to respond to the embarrassing mistake. Thankfully, the Snowpiercer leading man seemed to take everything in stride and just wants to move on past the incident.

The only reaction Chris Evans seemed to have before appearing on the Tamron Hall show was the above tweet that he sent out on Monday. Hopefully, the furor caused by the nude photo leak was also used to get more people enthusiastic about voting in the American election this November. And let us pray that this is the last we have to hear about Chris Evans and his accidental nude photo. It sounds like he has learned his lesson.