Chris Evans Is Trending For Breaking Millions Of Hearts

Chris Evans made his relationship with actress Alba Baptista Instagram official, an innocent move that has set social media on fire.

By Douglas Helm | Published

chris evans

Sorry everyone who is attracted to very handsome men, but it looks like you’ve got one less fish in the sea. Chris Evans recently posted Alba Baptista on his Instagram story, all but confirming their romantic status. Evans fans are beyond heartbroken and here’s the story that made the actor start trending on Twitter:

In Chris Evans’ Instagram story, we get a cute couple montage (along with some heart emojis) of the two playfully scaring each other throughout 2022. While the caption doesn’t explicitly say ‘hey everyone, this is my girlfriend,’ it’s pretty safe to say that Evans is taken. Devastated fans ran the gamut of emotions, including this fan who is ready to go full Tanya McQuoid as a result:

While everyone should strive to be more like Jennifer Coolidge, we maybe shouldn’t be taking notes on how to behave from her Emmy-winning The White Lotus character. Of course, other users didn’t react to Chris Evans in quite such an emotionally extreme way. This user simply expressed that they were feeling a little unprepared with a bleary-eyed cat image to go with it:

There are plenty of other users who are opting to go the subtle route for mourning their chance with Chris Evans. This user seems like they’re ready to just lay in bed and listen to some music while they cry about missed romance opportunities. Plus, we all feel a little bit like Squidward sometimes, whether you’re in a relationship with Captain America or not:

Of course, it’s not all doom and gloom in the Twitterverse. Some fans are (begrudgingly) happy for Chris Evans. As evidenced by this user posting a gif of Pedro Pascal going from laughing to crying in seconds:

And then there are the users who go…a little overboard with expressing their discontent. Chris Evans might be better off just staying away from Twitter for a while. Unless he’s morbidly curious about how passionate his fans can be:

And then there’s the side of Twitter that is simply confused by all the posts about Chris Evans. As mentioned, fans of any major star can get a little crazy. Which means the Twitter timeline might get a little crazy sometimes too:

If these fans are able to get over their grief period of losing a chance at dating Chris Evans, they can at least look forward to the projects he has coming up this year. Evans will be co-starring with Dwayne Johnson in 2023 in the film Red One, which is set to be an action film that also stars J.K. Simmons, Kiernan Shipka, Bonnie Hunt, and Lucy Liu. The film is directed by Jake Kasdan with a screenplay by Chris Morgan.

Chris Evans also has two more projects set for the near future, though they don’t have official release dates yet. Still, we can likely expect to see Evans in the films Pain Hustlers and Ghosted sometime in 2023. Hopefully, Evans will be able to provide some great performances for his mourning fans.