Celine Dion Fans Are Going After Rolling Stone

Celine Dion fans are expressing outrage online that she was not included in Rolling Stones' 200 Best Singers of All Time list.

By Douglas Helm | Updated

celine dion

Online listicles are always contentious, especially when they’re made by media giants like Rolling Stone. The music magazine and website recently released its 200 Best Singers of All Time list and the Internet is taking umbrage with one notable omission — Celine Dion. Fans of Dion took to Twitter to express their frustration.

Even industry professionals weighed in on Rolling Stones’ decision to leave out Celine Dion. Grammy award-winning songwriter Diane Warren, who wrote Dion hits like “Because You Love Me” and “If You Asked Me To,” said that lists like these are stupid. Clearly, she wasn’t happy with Rolling Stone leaving out one of her favorite collaborators.

Of course, there were plenty of Twitter users who tried to make a case for Celine Dion. This user included videos of Dion’s vocal performances, showing her bonafides. It’s pretty undeniable that she has an amazing voice, so it’s understandable that her fans were upset.

Many Twitter users were quick to point out Celine Dion’s technical singing abilities. In this clip, Celine Dion performs her hit “All By Myself” and shows off an impressive key change. Clearly, her fans have ammo ready to go to show why Dion deserves her spot on the list.

Other Twitter users also called out some specific choices that Rolling Stone made over Celine Dion. This user felt like Taylor Swift shouldn’t have been included if Dion was left out. While Taylor Swift is certainly a good singer, many fans feel like Dion’s technical singing ability far surpasses other entries on the list.

Some users also had a problem with the order of the list along with Celine Dion’s omission. This user pointed out that vocalists like Michael Jackson and Anita Baker were ranked below singers like Rihanna. While Rihanna is a great musician and singer, it’s hard to deny that she isn’t quite as vocally gifted as someone like Jackson or Patti Labelle.

This user summed up what other Celine Dion fans are feeling. They point out that Dion has a great voice, career, and the hits to back it up. It’s definitely true that Dion is an iconic singer, so it does make sense that fans are confused as to why Rolling Stone couldn’t find room on a list with 200 people.

celine dion

Of course, there will always be people left off lists like these that frustrate fans. Perhaps the Rolling Stone writers forgot to consider Celine Dion or maybe they didn’t think she met their criteria. According to the article, the entries were considered for being the greatest singers, not necessarily having the greatest voices.

For example, they have Bob Dylan on the list — not because he’s a technically talented vocalist but because he uses his voice well and has an iconic sound. Perhaps they felt Celine Dion was more of a great voice than a great singer. It’s worth noting that the list has Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Sam Cooke, Billie Holiday, and Mariah Carey in the Top Five, so at least they got some things right.