See Carmen Electra Pose In A Two-Piece

By Faith McKay | 2 months ago

carmen electra

A lot of celebrities seem to have two sides to their personalities. Carmen Electra is one of them. While she’s known professionally by the name strongly associated with her Baywatch past, the actress and model goes by Tara Leigh Patrick in her personal life. In her latest fun and flirty social media post, the actress poses with her hair up in her hands and seems to embrace this dual nature, asking if her hair should be considered pigtails or horns.

You can see the new post from Carmen Electra below.

Followers of Carmen Electra’s prolific Instagram account immediately jumped into the comment section to assure her that they adore her and that they are definitely pigtails, not horns. It doesn’t seem likely that it would bother her either way. As a model, Electra has sported many different looks over the years, so it wouldn’t be surprising if there are photos of her wearing devilish horns somewhere out there. She would likely consider the horns a playful and fun thing, not something negative. Her Instagram is often full of closer looks at some of her professional photoshoots, many of them from decades past, so it wouldn’t be surprising if she’s wearing this denim bra for modeling work.

Carmen Electra is known for many things, most of them attributing to her status as a sex symbol. She got started in the entertainment business trying to make it as a singer. Eventually, she modeled for Playboy, doing her first full nude editorial in 1996. This gained her a fair amount of attention, and may have helped lead into her role as Lani McKenzie in Baywatch, the role she is arguably still best known for her. She first appeared on the show in 1997. That same year she starred in an independent horror-comedy, which wasn’t all that memorable in itself, but did seem to help lead the way for her role in the 2000 movie Scary Movie. The horror parody was a hit, and she became well known for a series of parts in horror parody films in the following decade.

These major landmarks have gained a lot of attention for her career. However, a closer look at Carmen Electra reveals a model, singer, actress, and businesswoman who has seemingly never stopped working for even a moment. In 2007, she released a book called How To Be Sexy. She’s been featured in Playboy five times. She’s been in music videos. She’s hosted multiple reality TV shows, dating back to 1997 on MTV’s Singled Out, so she got in the reality TV game before it became as big as it is today. She’s posed for comic book illustrations and founded the Naked Women’s Wrestling League. Her career as a sex symbol has lasted decades and taken her into some very unique opportunities.

These days, Carmen Electra is still busy working and shows no signs of slowing down. Her social media doesn’t show much of a look at her personal life, but she does update with glimpses from photoshoots and throwback photos revealing moments from her very famous past.