See Carmen Electra In A Sultry Bunny Costume

By Faith McKay | 1 month ago

carmen electra

Carmen Electra is no stranger to daring and attention-grabbing outfits. She’s modeled some of the most interesting and iconic looks over the past couple of decades. During her long career in front of the camera, she’s gotten used to posing for holiday photos and making the most of them. This Easter weekend, she closed out the holidays with a social media photo in a black corset and bunny ears.

You can see the latest photo from Carmen Electra below.

It’s unclear whether the latest photo from Carmen Electra is brand new or if this is a flashback, but it appears to be a newer photo. She looks more like she has in her other recent posts. While the actress is often associated with her role on Baywatch in the 1990s, and the iconic red swimsuit that she and actresses like Pamela Anderson wore on the show, Electra has never stopped working and always has something new, interesting, and unexpected going on. For example, one of her most recent gigs was on the reality competition TV show, DOMiNO Masters.

The show first debuted on Fox in March 2022. Contestants are given a theme and then build out complex domino configurations for a panel of judges. Carmen Electra joined their pirate-themed challenge, so of course, water rescue jokes referencing her Baywatch days were made by the handful. You can see a teaser for her appearance on the reality show below.

Carmen Electra jumped on the reality television phenomenon early on. She hosted dating shows on MTV and has appeared on many other reality series as a guest over the years. She’s also appeared in music videos, television shows like Jane The Virgin, and became well-known for parody movies like Scary Movie, Epic Movie, and Meet The Spartans. These shows have had more fun with Electra’s sense of humor.

Recently, Carmen Electra was in the headlines after Kim Kardashian rebooted one of her more iconic and gravity-defying outfits. Carmen Electra wore a unique white dress with recognizable cutouts in the 1990s to the MTV Movie Awards. The dress is still well-remembered today. Kim Kardashian recently posed in a very similar dress, and like many things Kim Kardashian wears, it made headlines. This time, people waited to see how Carmen Electra would react, some apparently expecting the Baywatch star to feel jealous or irritated. Instead, Electra celebrated the compliment on her Instagram. You can see her reaction and the memorable dress worn by both stars in the post below.

What will Carmen Electra get up to next? While she has a variety of projects both on and off-screen in the works, one of her next major appearances will be in The Story of Pop. The television series is currently in the works. She’ll be a host on the show, telling audiences about the history of pop music. While she is most well-known as an actress, Carmen Electra actually started her career off with a pop album after being discovered by Prince, so she is a fitting host with a wealth of knowledge for the new program. She will likely be sharing more about that project on her Instagram soon.