Carmen Electra Shared A Stunning Workout Photo In A Bikini From Her Baywatch Days

By Erika Hanson | 2 weeks ago

carmen electra

Carmen Electra is going into a new year with nostalgia and of course her infallibly flawless body. The 49-year-old celebrity and sex icon is undoubtedly most famous for her appearances in Playboy Magazine and a season stint on Baywatch in the ‘90s. Even 25 years later, the Scary Movie alumni loves to relive the glory days as is evident with just a glimpse at her Instagram account. Last night, Electra took to Instagram to post a throwback photo as she looks forward to a healthy year. 

See the photo below.

“So ready to get back in the gym,” captioned Carmen Electra in a new post she shared to Instagram last night.  The photo accompanying her new post was a throwback photo from Electra’s days working on the set of Baywatch. Electra is shown wearing an electric blue high top and high waisted bikini complete with a pair of matching sneakers and mid-calf crew socks. While the outfit is a dead giveaway that this photo clearly is a throwback, Carmen’s ageless face could have made plenty of fans question whether or not the photo was recent.

It’s hard to believe that someone like Carmen Electra wouldn’t already be busy in the gym. Even at 49-years-old, the Playboy model is easily still one of the most desired sex symbols in the world. Similarly, Electra is no stranger to fitness routines. The model is known for her strip-tease aerobics workout videos. In a 2018 interview for Hollywood Life,  a source close to the actress said, “Carmen doesn’t follow any kind of official diet – she would struggle way too much if she felt she was depriving herself. She eats really clean though, and always starts off the day with some kind of superfoods smoothie that she makes with various different fruits, along with green leafy vegetables.” While physical fitness advocation is definitely at the top of Carmen Electra’s list, it’s not the only healthy lifestyle that the celebrity has been promoting. Recently, Electra has been promoting a male sexual enhancement supplement, which she advertises via her own Instagram account. 

Carmen Electra first rose to fame after being discovered by the legendary musician, Prince. The multi-faceted career that followed saw the young beauty take on gigs as a dancer, singer, and actor. Gracing the pages of Playboy Magazine throughout the ’90s, Electra quickly became one of the most desired sex icons in the world. Landing television roles on shows like Baywatch and a gig hosting the MTV dating show, Singled Out, Electra stayed busy under the public eye. Carmen went on to play numerous cameos in countless films. Her sex appeal tending to be the casting call has landed Carmen some hilarious cameos in comedies like Scary Movie, Disaster Movie, and Meet the Spartans.

Recently, the Baywatch hottie appeared on the ESPN docuseries, The Last Dance. The series, which focuses on Michael Jordan’s career and his final season with the Chicago Bulls, featured comments from Carmen Electra, who had a brief stint as the wife to legendary bad boy NBA star, Dennis Rodman. Following the documentary, there has been plenty of talk across the internet by fans of Electra’s suggesting the star would be a perfect addition to the popular reality show, The Real Housewives. After recently seeing an Instagram post suggesting that she would be a great fit for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Carmen Electra responded, indicating that she might be into joining the cast if invited.