See Cardi B As A Sexy, Scantily Clad Marge Simpson

Cardi B takes to Instagram cosplaying as a much more revealing Marge Simpson than we're used to.

By Michileen Martin | Published

For celebrities Halloween seems like a pretty high production time of the year, and rapper Cardi B is no exception. The “WAP” performer took to Instagram on Halloween–in not one, but two posts–in a Marge Simpson outfit and makeup much more risque than you’re likely to see on The Simpsons. Her first post includes a video of herself giving her fans a sexy catwalk strut down a hallway, complete with an on point impersonation of Marge.

Her second post has Cardi B still done up as Marge Simpson, but in a dress showing off her rear end. Her caption reads that the look was inspired by the late French fashion designer Thierry Mugler. Keep clicking through the reel and you’ll find the image she’s borrowing from.

So far the only truly shocking thing about Cardi B’s Marge Simpson outfit is that she only stuck to one costume this year. The rapper has a tradition of using the Spooky Season to push the boundaries including in 2020 when she graced social media with a sexy, stunning, and–not gonna lie here–somewhat disturbing costume as Medusa from Greco-Roman myth. The year before that she had two costumes: a twerking Poison Ivy with a 7-foot-long red wig, and a sexy nurse outfit.

marge simpson
Cardi B as Medusa from the artist’s Instagram

It could be that with her revealing Marge Simpson costume, Cardi B is making up just a little bit for her relatively tame output in 2021. Last year found her posting alongside her daughter Kulture as a not particularly racy witch, and she had a spot-on Morticia Addams photo shoot, but neither reached the truly envelope-pushing lengths of twerking Batman femme fatales.

With Cardi B’s 2022 sexy Marge Simpson costume, she joins a growing number of celebrities flaunting their looks and attitude for Halloween. Schmigadoon!‘s Dove Cameron shows a lot of cleavage as Tron: Legacy‘s Qorra in a new TikTok video, Jessica Alba dressed as one of the creepy Grady twins from The Shining, while Javicia Leslie of Batwoman fame made a video of herself transforming into Storm of the X-Men. Meanwhile, though she didn’t show off her own outfit, Brie Larson did her best Laurie Strode impersonation as she was stalked by the iconic Michael Myers.

And it isn’t just the ladies having fun on social media with the costumes. Jack Quaid and Karl Urban from The Boys showed off their own holiday ensembles on the former’s social media; with Quaid dressed as Jason Vorhees of the Friday the 13th films and Urban as Alex from A Clockwork Orange.

It’s arguably fitting Cardi B chose Marge Simpson for her Halloween costume, considering the show’s “Treehouse of Horror” episodes tend to be one of the highlights of the Spooky Season. This year the show parodied Stephen King’s It with “Treehouse of Horror Presents: Not It”.