Cara Delevingne Posts Racy Photos Promoting Vibrator Company

By Faith McKay | 16 seconds ago

Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne is a model, actress, and co-owner of Lora DiCarlo, an innovative company for sexual wellness that got started in 2019. Yes, a sex toy company. While Delevingne doesn’t always talk about her line of vibrators on her personal Instagram, when she does, she makes the most of it.

The first post from Cara Delevingne’s personal Instagram account actually includes several photos. You’ll want to click the arrow that points to the right in the center of the photo below so you can see all three included. See the post to her personal account below.

The first photo from Cara Delevingne has her holding a blue vibrator that may be easy to miss, as she paired it with a flower in her hand, like a bouquet. She appears to be holding Sway, a toy with a heat function. The second photo has her getting more creative, as she rides a pinball machine. And in the third photo, she actually appears to be just holding a bouquet of flowers, so she is apparently keeping her followers on their toes. The caption for the post is where most of the commenters found the most fun.

The business owner followed the photos on her personal account with one just for the official Lora DiCarlo Instagram. In this one, Cara Delevingne is wearing the same outfit and is promoting the same blue Sway vibrator from the toy line. The caption on this one explains that part of these posts are celebrating that the international supermodel was recently featured in Vogue Japan. You can see this second post below.

Cara Delevingne’s company worked with Oregon State University’s Robotics & Engineering Lab to design their sex toys. Early on, the company got attention when they earned a highly-prized robotics innovation award from the Consumer Technology Association. While the award itself drew some attention, more attention was gained when that award was rescinded, presumably because of the politics around awarding robotic innovation in vibrators. The company has grown a lot since that time and is something that the actress and model promotes occasionally to the audience she’s earned through other career endeavors.

Online, a lot of her efforts that draw the most attention have been racy ones. For example. she did a video tour with Architectural Digest of her house. That sounds innocent but is actually Not Safe For Work viewing. There’s a “vagina tunnel”, which is one of the weirder things Architectural Digest probably ever had to write. One of her rooms is inspired by director David Lynch. Another is inspired by David Bowie. To say that Cara Delevingne is a bit different is putting it lightly. A lot of her life seems easily designed to get attention online, so it’s honestly surprising she isn’t in more headlines than she is.

Where else might you know Cara Delevingne from? She was in the 2016 Suicide Squad where she played Enchantress. She has also starred in Paper Towns, the adaptation of the John Green novel of the same name, and Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. She’s made quite a name on her