See Cara Delevingne Giving A NSFW Tour Around Her Playboy Inspired, Clothing-Optional House

By Doug Norrie | 1 month ago

cara develingne

If you want to see one of the crazier houses that’s ever been created, wait no longer. Cara Delevingne recently gave a tour of her pad and it’s really something. Clothing is optional, plus there are anatomy-inspired tunnels, costumes, ball pits, and much more. In the Cribs-style tour for Architectural Digest’s YouTube channel, the actress and model gave fans a chance to see the place she calls home. And it’s definitely a house that’s one of a kind. 

Cara Delevingne gave a room-by-room tour that went through all of the different ways she worked to create a totally unique experience. She says the house, in a lot of ways, was inspired by Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion. That’s, for sure, a theme you can see running throughout. The style is distinct and colorful with plenty of standard mansion staples. Check it out:

But there are points of the tour that take a turn for the surreal. At one point, Cara Delevingne gives folks a glimpse of her vagina tunnel. Sound weird? Well, it is. Basically, she says that she went to her architect with the idea for a secret doorway, shaped and decorated like a vagina that she could crawl through from one room to another. It opens behind a secret mirror and comes out through what looks like a laundry machine door. 

At another point, Cara Delevingne shows off her see-through piano which she says she plays naked at times. And that’s not the only time we get the sense that a bunch of what she does around the house is clothing optional. During the tour of her bathroom and tub, she’s quick to point out that the shades are rarely drawn here meaning the gardener has gotten an eyeful in the past. 

Other highlights from the Cara Delevingne tour include the huge basement ball-pit that she apparently uses similar to a hot tub. Plus, there’s a full-blown arcade. She has a mini-music studio as well as a David Lynch-inspired poker room and a David Bowie-themed bathroom.  And guests won’t want to miss the costume closet that has all manner of NSFW get-ups. And in case you came over and forgot your hat, don’t worry, there’s a whole wall of those as well. 

cara develingne

Cara Delevingne has some eclectic tastes for sure and the house is truly one of a kind. The actress has also made it a point to take all different kinds of on-screen roles as well. She’s currently gearing up for the second season of Carnival Row on Amazon Prime. The fantasy series stars Delevingne in the lead as Vignette, a fae who is at the center of a mysterious death. Orlando Bloom stars as well. The show’s second season is currently in development. 

It doesn’t appear Cara Delevingne will be headed back to the DC Extended Universe. She played Enchantress in the original Suicide Squad. Though Margot Robbie and Joel Kinnaman are returning for the reboot, Delevingne was left out of the cast this time around. Next up is the film Punk which she’ll star in alongside Machine Gun Kelly. In the meantime, she has plenty of spots in her house to explore, including unlimited trips through the vagina tunnel.