See Cara Delevingne Posing Topless In Gold Body Makeup

By Michileen Martin | 3 days ago

cara delevigne

The annual Met Gala is only one of, oh, a few dozen chances celebrities get every year to showcase wild, provocative, and obscenely expensive fashion pieces they’ll never have to pay a dime for. Red carpet walks for the Met Gala turn into performances all on their own, and this year was no exception. One of the most shocking looks at the event came courtesy of actress and model Cara Delevingne who showed up in a red suit and removed her top to reveal, well, absolutely nothing but gold paint.

Cara Delevingne posted images from the event on her Instagram account, including before and after removing her top. The photos show her in her red Dior Haute Couture suit with walking stick and gold chains. In the second shot her top is removed, with her nipples covered only with gold paint. You can see the images below.

Entertainment Tonight suggests that Cara Delevingne is paying homage to Shirley Eaton’s Jill Masterson in the 1964 James Bond film Goldfinger. Is it possible she’s angling to be a part of the next Bond film, whenever that happens? In the wake of the news that Daniel Craig would be leaving the role after last year’s No Time to Die, it was theorized that actors like Chris Hemsworth — who appeared in an ad for Boss dressed like James Bond — were using certain appearances and ads to campaign to be Craig’s successor. Could Delevingne be doing something similar, just not for the lead role?

Regardless, it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that we see Cara Delevingne baring a little bit more than most celebrities at the Met Gala. Last year, she gave Architectural Digest a tour of her home, which includes her own “vagina tunnel” as well as a see-through piano which Delevingne said she often plays in the buff. Clearly, the model is comfortable in clothing optional environments. You can see the tour for yourself below.

Cara Delevingne has been a little bit absent from the screen lately, though thankfully it looks like she’ll be returning soon. She’ll be appearing in the second season of Hulu’s hit mystery comedy series Only Murders in the Building, which is set to premiere on the streamer at the end of June. And at some point this year — believe it or not — we expect her to reprise the role of the Fae named Vignette Stonemoss in Amazon Prime’s Carnival Row. The neo-noir fantasy premiered in 2019 and like so many other productions, work on its second season was delayed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Filming finally wrapped last September, and Deadline reports Amazon will be releasing the new season some time this year.

At last word, Cara Delevingne was filming Tell It Like a Woman, an anthology feature which will also star Jennifer Hudson, Margherita Buy, Marcia Gay Harden, Eva Longoria, and more. After that, the actress is set to star in the heist thriller Punk with Colson Baker aka Machine Gun Kelly. Delevingne plays Lucy, sister to Baker’s Skip. Together, they lead a crew of bank robbers across the country.