Caitlyn Jenner Defends Dave Chappelle Against Cancel Culture

By Carolyn Jenkins | 4 weeks ago

caitlyn jenner

Cancel culture has been a topic of contention all over the internet. One of the most recent and broadly reported examples has centered on the reaction to Dave Chappelle’s recent Netflix special. In The Closer, Chappelle was met with harsh criticism over his transphobic comments, and surprisingly Caitlyn Jenner has come to his defense with this issue.

Among other things, Caitlyn Jenner is known for appearing in Keeping Up With the Kardashians as well as for her failed bid to get elected as governor of California. There are many complicated issues being discussed after the premiere of The Closer. But Jenner’s biggest concern seems to be defense of free speech, according to a recent tweet. 

Netflix has tried its hardest not to make any definitive comments on the transphobic comments made in Dave Chappelle’s special, despite employees of the streaming service organizing a walkout. In a recent article from The Hill, Netflix is said to have made an effort — unlike Caitlyn Jenner — not to condemn Chappelle for his jokes. They have gone back and forth on this issue and are trying hard not to upset anyone on either side of the conflict.

Dave Chappelle has come under fire for his transphobic comments but for his response as well. Jenner’s tweet was in response to a post where he doubled down on his comments. Chappelle does not take responsibility for those he hurt with his words. In addition, he points the finger at cancel culture. Caitlyn Jenner backs him up, saying that this is an issue of free speech. They are not the only ones who have called out the internet for cancel culture. Johnny Depp also made remarks that he has been targeted by cancel culture. He claims that he is being boycotted due to his the ongoing drama between him and ex-wife Amber Heard.

However, it does not seem that Dave Chappelle will be impacted in the same manner that Johnny Depp has experienced. Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos, like Caitlyn Jenner, has come out in defense of Chappelle. IndieWire reports that Sarandos does not believe The Closer has done harm to the trans community. “You really can’t please everybody or the content would be pretty dull,” Sarandos said. “And we do tell our employees upfront that we are trying to entertain our members, and that some of the content on Netflix you’re not going to like.”

Many people are making this an argument about artistic expression, and not hate speech. Even though Dave Chappelle states he is not allowed back in the Netflix building, he still has their support according to their CEO. Chappelle has also had a sold out show with Joe Rogan and has been giving more press than ever. In addition to Caitlyn Jenner defending Chappelle, he has also given many interviews including to GQ. Jenner’s defense of the comedian is adding to Chappelle’s notoriety. Cancel culture will remain in the conversation as long as celebrities continue to speak about it.