Bruce Willis Is Unrecognizable In Creepy Halloween Costume

By Erika Hanson | 6 days ago

bruce willis

It is inevitable that every Halloween, someone on social media will be seen portraying one of the plethora of iconic characters played by one of Hollywood’s biggest action stars, Bruce Willis. From Die Hard’s John McLane to Pulp Fiction’s Butch Coolidge, his character costumes are easily recognized, and often effortless to pull off. But what did the alpha-male dress up for himself this Halloween? Even after the star’s wife shared photos of her family’s Halloween get-ups, we were still not quite sure what the 66-year-old was supposed to be. 

Engaging with her 163,000 followers, the mom-of-two posted two photos to her feed and said: ‘Hope you had a Happy Halloween.’ See Bruce Willis below.

Emma and Bruce Willis have been married for nearly eleven years. They share two children, Mabel Rayn nine, and Evelyn Penn, seven. Both children are pictured with their father. Before that, he was wed to Demi Moore from 1987 to 2000. The pair remain close friends. While Bruce Willis’s girls chose more distinguishable costumes such as the Harley Quinn jokester and an inflatable unicorn, their famous father chose something more unrecognizable, and notably creepy.

No one in the Willis household seems to be dishing on the details surrounding the odd ensemble chosen by Bruce Willis, but we do know that the actor went all out for his most recent “role”. With a prosthetic-like mask, possibly taken right from a studio set, the actor’s mask not only gave the famously bald actor some outrageous locks, but an even creepier disheveled face, complete with a vexingly dangled band-aid on his lower lip. However, judging from the comments left on the Instagram post by Willis’ older daughters that he shares with ex-wife Demi Moore, it seems the family might have a deeper story behind the mask.

One of the oldest daughters of Bruce Willis replied to the picture, insinuating that the unrecognizable mask is something the Willis clan has long been familiar with. Scout Willis commented, “This mask remains horrifying… what a family heirloom.” Emma Heming Willis reverberated the daughter’s take on the mask, adding that the mask was “forever horrifying”.

So after all the famous Hollywood icon’s costumes have been revealed and discussed, the focus on social media remains on the Die Hard actor’s unidentifiable get-up, with plenty of people taking to social media with their guesses on who Bruce Willis is supposed to be. Many people were quick to point a resemblance in the face to that of the late Francis Gallagher, popular for his lead role in the hit TV series, Shameless.


Others noticed a similarity to the popular “Mayhem” character featured throughout the years in Allstate commercials, considering the outfit made Willis look like he might have just walked away from a car wreck. Some even noticed a similar appearance to other famous Hollywood men such as Mickey Rourke and Marlon Brando, although we already know The Weeknd pulled off this year’s Brando costume the best.

This notably isn’t the first time Bruce Willis made headlines for his Halloween spirit. Willis was highly discussed in the press for his 2017 get-up, in which he and his assistant attended a Halloween party, “Shyamaween” hosted by film director M. Night Shyamalan. The two men donned the outfits of the Grady twins from Stanley Kubrick’s classic 1980 horror film, The Shining-in which the actor was considered to be almost unrecognizable as well. 

Although the world is eagerly awaiting a response from Emma, his daughters, or even the man himself, there may not be a stimulating story behind Bruce Willis and his “rando-guy” Halloween costume.  But if there is, we will all be eagerly waiting to get the scoop.