Bruce Willis Fans Worried For Actor’s Health After New Video Reveals Missing Body Part

A recent video of Bruce Willis shows that the actor is missing one of his front teeth.

By Britta DeVore | Updated

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It’s been a crushing year for Bruce Willis and his family as the actor’s worsening health condition has continued to take a hefty toll on him and his loved ones. After moving back in with Willis and his wife to help take care of the ailing Die Hard star, Demi Moore shared a touching video over the weekend of the whole gang celebrating the actor’s 68th birthday. With bright smiles and eyes filled with hope, the camera pans to each member of the “Happy Birthday” singers, but, according to The Sun, fans soon became concerned when they noticed that Willis was missing one of his front teeth.

After announcing back in 2022 that he had been diagnosed with aphasia and would no longer be acting, news recently came to light that Bruce Willis was newly given an updated diagnosis of “untreatable” frontotemporal dementia. The Die Hard with a Vengeance star’s family has been very upfront with his dedicated fanbase to keep them caught up with Willis’ health, so sharing this news and then a follow-up video of the family members celebrating his birthday was right in line with what they’ve given us so far. 

The clip in question was shared on Bruce Willis’ ex-wife, Demi Moore’s, social media accounts and includes looks of Bruce’s current wife, Emma, and his daughters Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah, with a few other guests in attendance. With gleeful tones, the partygoers sang to Willis before he blew out the candles on his birthday pie. Outside of his missing tooth, no one would have any idea that Willis was in bad health, even having stumbled while blowing out his candles which was met with a laugh from both the actor and his loved ones. 

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Bruce Willis in 10 Minutes Gone

Last year’s announcement of Bruce Willis’ aphasia diagnosis was a heavy enough blow, with fans knowing that the chances of spotting the 10 Minutes Gone actor in any other productions would be very slim. For those who may not know, the disease, which is caused by brain damage, deeply affects a person’s ability to understand speech or talk, meaning that memorizing lines was essentially out of the question. Developing into an even more heartbreaking case, Willis’ latest diagnosis of frontotemporal dementia means that not only will his speech suffer, but he’ll also struggle with what will become a crumbling memory which will, in turn, make him confused. 

As devastating as this condition would be for any family, being such a huge name in Hollywood has added extra stress to Bruce Willis’ loved ones, who are being constantly followed and harassed by paparazzi. While much of his fandom has remained nothing but loving, caring, and supportive, those hoping to make a buck from the actor’s suffering have been hounding both him and his family for any up-close shot they can get. Things recently got so bad that his current wife, Emma Heming Willis, shared a plea on Instagram asking paparazzi to give them a breath when out in public.

With his battle against dementia raging on, we’re happy to see Bruce Willis’ family and friends come together to shower him with love and make sure that he enjoys his favorite pie on his birthday. We’re sending nothing but positivity and love to the actor and his loved ones at this time.