Britney Spears Frees Herself Of Clothing, Posting Topless Photos For Some Reason

By Apeksha Bagchi | 7 days ago

britney spears

Even as Britney Spears’ conservatorship battle rages on, it is evident that the singer is slowly but surely regaining her confidence as well as control over her life. The most obvious sign of this particular improvement has been her Instagram profile where Spears has been boldly speaking for the first time in years and putting forward her opinion. To commemorate this newfound confidence, the singer has posted another topless photograph of herself on Instagram.

Even as Britney Spears’ fight against her father James Spears to regain legal control of her professional and personal life is taking its time to reach any conclusion, the singer is ensuring that her social life is not hampered by the restrictions. Just a few days ago, the 39-year-old had posted a risque shot of herself in a pair of unbuttoned duke shorts while using her hands to cover her breasts. See below.

Now, the most recent post from Britney Spears comes from the same sexy backyard photo shoot with the singer looking up while using her hands and two stars to hide her breasts. The recent post already has over a million likes and countless comments from celebrities and followers alike complimenting her for allowing herself to “feel free.”

Unlike Britney Spears’ recent posts, these pictures are sans the big, emotive captions. But it isn’t hard to guess that her topless pictures are less about being sexy and more about her reclaiming her freedom to do what she wants. And if she is “breaking the internet” in the process, then it’s even better!

For a long time now, Britney Spears has been striving to end the conservatorship she entered into with her father back in 2009 after going through a nervous breakdown and being hospitalized. Since then, the singer has had little control over even the most personal aspects of her life and only recently revealed the abuse she has undergone. On July 14, Spears earned her first legal victory at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse where L.A. County Superior Court Judge Brenda Penny ruled in her favor and announced that the singer can replace the court-appointed attorney, Samuel Ingham. She was previously not allowed to hire her own lawyer but now she has Matthew Rosengart, whom she selected, to fight against the conservatorship she has been under for over a decade. 

britney spears

During her latest testimony, she once again expressed her decision to charge her father, James Spears with conservatorship abuse. Rosengart shared the same with Judge Brenda Penny, adding that while Britney Spears’ father claims to love her, he has not willingly stepped down from the conservatorship despite her asking him to. “So I’m going to give him the opportunity right now to voluntarily resign,’ Rosengart said.  

James Spears’ lawyer Vivian Thoreen has rubbished Britney Spears’ claims that her father abused her under the conservatorship. She added that there exists no solid reason to remove James Spears’ from his position as the allegations against him “could not be further from the truth.”

This has been a small victory for Britney Spears as even though she got to hire her own lawyer, her demands to get certain parts of her conservatorship removed have been denied. A follow-up hearing to address Spears’ recent claims and prior allegations is scheduled to take place on September 29.