Britney Spears Stops Posting Nudes To Mend Relationship With Her Kids?

Rumor has it that Britney Spears is stopping posting nudes in order to reconcile with her sons Sean Preston and Jayden.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

Britney Spears may be stopping posting nude photos of herself on social media in an effort to reconcile with her sons Sean Preston and Jayden. According to a report in, Britney Spears is so distressed at the distance that has grown between her and her sons (who are 17 and 16 years old, respectively) that she is making a “concerted effort” to mend fences. In at least this case, part of that is toning down the risque (but carefully shot) nudes she has become known for on Instagram. 

If true, this stands in stark contrast to Britney Spears’ previous statements about her online nudity. Just last year, Britney Spears posted an image of herself with a lengthy caption in which she insisted that showing skin in photographs was empowering for her and railed against the various socially-constructed restrictions around female nudity. However, she did also say that she likely would not post these pictures “forever” as it “would get boring,” followed by a more ambiguous “but it sure as hell helps when you need to be enlightened.”

However, it may be that the feelings of her two teenage boys about their world-famous, sex symbol regularly and proudly displaying her naked body online have made Britney Spears think again. The pop singer has been one of the most recognized people in the world since she was a teenager, with all the baggage that entails, which likely is a bit tough for two teenagers to reconcile with. Even if Britney Spears herself feels empowered and comfortable showing off her body, it is possible that she might defer to her children’s sentiments. 

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On the other hand, as of less than a day ago, Britney Spears was still posting some very, very revealing pictures of herself on her staggeringly popular Instagram account (which currently has over 44 million followers). In this video, Britney is wearing a low-cut, puffy-sleeved tube top and very short denim shorts, while she does a few odd dance moves and pulls the shorts low enough to catch a glimpse of some scandalously located tattoos. 

In another (from less than 12 hours ago), Britney Spears has now lost the denim shorts and has a skimpy pair of hot pink bikini bottoms on, wildly dancing with some of her vintage 1990s moves. So, if Britney Spears really has decided that she is no longer posting nudes to reach out to her children, she has not covered up all that much. 

Of course, Britney Spears has a notoriously complex relationship with much of her family, so who can say exactly what she will do to be closer to her kids? She is famously estranged from her father Jamie Spears, who oversaw the very controversial conservatorship that controlled pretty much every aspect of her life for 13 years, eventually prompting the #freebritney movement among her fans. Since the dissolution of the conservatorship, Britney Spears has seemed to revel in her ability to make her own decisions, and if she has decided to stop the nudes, that is her right.