Britney Spears Controversy Springs Up From A Recent Instagram Post

By Doug Norrie | 1 month ago

britney spears

Britney Spears has been in the news this past week, but not for any reason like a new tour or new album. It’s been for something much odder and much sadder. In a public hearing regarding her conservatorship, the singer admitted to having been stripped of quite a few personal and financial freedoms over the last decade-plus. And this got a bit more controversial for Spears with an Instagram post that was much more open and honest than what she’s posted in the past. 

The Britney Spears Instagram post opens up about how she’s been making it seem like everything had been okay for years, posting images of her life on the social media platform that would lend the idea that she’s on the up and up. But she admits that hasn’t been the case, offering up that her life is far from perfect. She even offers an apology for putting on a facade for fans who now have a chance to see her situation in a different light. She centered the post around an Albert Einstein quote about fairy tales. 

There are some that claim that Britney Spears hasn’t been running her Instagram account for years and even this post might not be 100% her message. There had been rumors out there that Cassie Petrey, who runs the social media for the singer had a larger hand in controlling what was put out there. And also, there were others in Spears’ circle who had say over what was put out on social media. There’s speculation that even this most recent post might not have been totally Spears’ own words. 

But there’s no doubt this most recent Britney Spears post was more open and honest than some other recent messaging and does allude to some of the embarrassing details of her personal life that have come out recently. Those involve conservatorship she’s been operating under for the last 13 years. In 2008, during a mental health crisis, the control of her finances, real estate and other things turned completely over to her father, Jamie Spears. The details of this hadn’t been made public, until now. 

Arguing in court this week, Britney Spears has said that the conservatorship has become overly oppressive with her wanting to wrestle personal and financial control back into her life. In court, she argued that the current set up was “abusive” and said, “I want my life back.” In this she was referring to not only her finances, which she has no control over, but also her personal freedoms like marrying her now boyfriend and choosing how she’s able to travel from place to place. There were a number of documented restrictions in place around her including birth control measures. 

britney spears

It remains to be seen what happens with the case of Britney Spears. The judge, for the time being, kept the conservatorship in place through September. And time will tell if we see more of a change for the singer on Instagram. If the posts continue to be more open and honest, then there’s a chance she’s taking back some control there as well.