Brie Larson Looks Stunning In A Backless Snake Skin Dress

By Apeksha Bagchi | 9 seconds ago

brie larson

While Brie Larson has millions of followers across the globe, the Captain Marvel star herself is an ardent fan of Taylor Swift. Her status as a major “Swiftie” isn’t exactly a secret seeing that she never leaves a chance to refer or pay tribute to the renowned singer. Just days after she won our hearts with a swoon-worthy rendition of Swift’s song “Nothing New (Taylor’s Version)”, the Marvel actress has posted a stunning picture of herself. And in case you manage to take your eyes off Larson, her caption hides a clever Taylor Swift reference!

In her post, Brie Larson is seen in a backless dress with a beautiful snake print. She is standing against a backdrop of lush green mountains and a clear sky. But of course, if Larson is in a picture, it gets pretty difficult to pay attention to any other details, like her sneaky Taylor Swift reference in her short caption for the post. The caption reads, “no snakes were harmed in the making of this dress.” Check out the post below:

While many would be clueless regarding the hidden meaning Brie Larson’s caption carries, fans well-versed in Taylor Swift’s history were quick to work it out. The caption refers to the 2018 incident where Kim Kardashian called Swift a “snake” on social media following the latter’s scuffle with Kanye West over a lyric in his song “Famous.” This triggered a massive online backlash against Swift and hashtags like “#TaylorSwiftIsCanceled” and “#TaylorSwiftIsASnake” started trending. 

But Swift didn’t let the event dictate her life or her career and embraced the title by incorporating the snake motif in her 2017 album Reputation, from its promotional videos to its merchandise like rings and hoodies. She then did the unthinkable–she got a 63-foot inflatable cobra named Karyn that Swift traveled around with during her Reputation tour. And like a true Swiftie, Brie Larson is subtly hinting at the crazy moment of Taylor proudly flaunting the reptilian reputation Kim Kardashian gave her by bringing the giant snake on stage in front of thousands of screaming fans during the tour. 

This is not the first time when Brie Larson has displayed herself as an avid Taylor Swift fan. Currently Swift is busy re-recording some of her old albums, starting with Fearless and recently followed by Red (Taylor’s Version). Recently, Larson gave a heartfelt tribute to Swift by singing one of her songs, “Nothing New (Taylor’s Version), which is one of the unreleased songs “from the vault.” The actress had also covered Taylor’s eighth studio album, Folklore, back in July 2020 when she sang the opening verse of the song “The 1.” Seeing Larson’s beautiful renditions of Taylor’s songs and the fact that their fans have already coined the term “TayBrie,” we are definitely in for a mini collaboration between the two stars. 

When she is not busy being a big Taylor Swift fan, Brie Larson is engrossed in getting into shape for her next appearance as Carol Danvers a.k.a. Captain Marvel in Marvel Cinematic Universe’s upcoming The Marvels. A few weeks ago, she posted a clip of a difficult workout session after she shared a video where she performed a set of 20 push-ups non-stop. Whether it is being a diehard Swiftie or training to bring her characters to life, Larson’s dedication is surely commendable!