See Brie Larson Dressed Like Sherlock Holmes For Some Reason

By James Brizuela | Published

Brie Larson

Anyone who happens to be a follower or appreciator of Brie Larson knows that the woman usually wears some oddball outfits. Although a ton of her social media content revolves around her brutal workouts, she also gives fans a bit about her personal life. This time, she decided to wear an outfit that bears a resemblance to Sherlock Holmes. Why is she dressed in such clothing? Well, we don’t honestly believe she is out to catch a serial killer of any kind. In fact, she looks to be like she was at the Glastonbury Festival. Our powers of deduction were used to determine that from her caption and bracelet. Mark it down, Watson. You can see the photos below:

We all need time to unwind, and what better way than to take up a festival full of great musical acts. The Glastonbury Festival took place from June 22nd to June 26th and brought on massive acts like Megan Thee Stallion, Billie Eilish, Paul McCartney, Robert Plant, and many more. Looks to be like Brie Larson had a wonderful time, though she was likely not out to solve any crimes. Well, maybe the crime of why the line for alcohol is so long. Larson posted a “mini” offering of her time there, as she was all smiling with her friends. There is even a video of her lip singing to a song being performed. The busy actress likely needed a vacation, and it looks like she took full advantage.

Brie Larson was most recently filming her part in The Marvels, which is the sequel to her solo MCU film, Captain Marvel. She also had a special cameo for another MCU project that we will not reveal here. Also, the famed actress is also busy with filming her role in Fast X, which is part one of the two-part finale for the Fast & Furious franchise. She had begged to be added to the franchise, and leading man Vin Diesel made that happen. She is also preparing to portray a CIA operative in a new television series. That series is being kept under wraps for right now. With so many big projects happening in her life, she likely jumped at the chance to attend a five-day music festival.

It’s good to see Brie Larson had a good time, and over 120,000 people feel the same way about the above Instagram post. Larson is often in the gym preparing for her next role, but now we get to see the side of her just enjoying herself. We all need to take some time to enjoy ourselves too. Burning out from the stress of work is never good for anyone.

It is going to be some time until we see Brie Larson appear in anything. She was in that secret cameo, but there is going to be a significant gap between television and movie appearances for the actress. Fast X has a May 2023 release date, and unless she pops up somewhere else in the MCU, then that is the next film we get to see the actress in. For now, we can all just live vicariously through her Instagram page.