Brie Larson Recorded Her Nighttime Routine And Shared It, It’s Intense

By Doug Norrie | 1 month ago

brie larson captain marvel

Brie Larson might not just a superhero on the big screen. There’s mounting evidence that she’s got some superpowers off the screen as well. Recently, she’s been using her YouTube channel to let fans and really anyone else in on some of the finer details of her life. Part of that has been some of her daily routines. Well, now she’s shared what she goes through every night to prepare for sleep and wind down her day.

As part of her channel, Brie Larson walks us through a quicker version of what she tries to practice every evening in the transition away from work and into bed. She admittedly is going through this part of the day more as an example practice rather than a step-by-step documentary/ how-to of her evening, but it’s still quite instructive for what she focuses on to wind down her day. Check it out:

Brie Larson starts the video talking about having been on screens all day, saying that’s been part of the impetus for wanting to have more of a routine. I think most people can identify with this idea. Staring at that blue light all day doesn’t have the best effects on the body or mind. She’s honest with how much it affected her day-to-day but also how it’s rather unavoidable. She mentions the idea of tone-setting into the evening and working to set both intentions and a practice that is repeatable. 

The other steps for Brie Larson as she walks through her evening routine are along the lines of what you can expect from most people, even Marvel Cinematic Universe superheroes. She discusses the need to make sure she’s in the right frame of mind before seeing her family after the day. She also walks through some of the facial hygiene and facial massage practices she uses to begin distressing and caring for herself. It’s all fairly standard, but very intentional. 

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Some of what Brie Larson mentions here, and the need to set an intentional practice, around her nighttime routine comes from what she says was the fallout from life during the pandemic. Many people can probably empathize with the idea that work life and home life became completely intertwined and overlapped. In this, it’s hard to make the distinction between if you are at home or at work. And this can lead to stress and lack of sleep. In this way, Brie Larson was no different. 

And at the end of the day, when it’s all said and done it’s time for bed. For this Brie Larson admits that getting fully into sleep still isn’t always the easiest thing and it’s important to keep the right frame of mind. Or, as she says, if there’s a little extra help needed then a CBD gummy isn’t the worst thing in the world. 

Brie Larson has before shared what it’s like getting going with her in the morning. She shared some of her daily morning routines a while ago and it was nothing if not very intentional. This evening practice seems much of the same. It’s a disciplined approach to life, and while not perfect, allows for good practices. See, it’s a superhero’s intention through and through. We’ll catch her next year in the Captain Marvel sequel The Marvels when it hits screens for the MCU.