See Brie Larson Pose Like A Princess In A Strapless Pink Dress

By Dan Lawrence | 4 days ago

brie larson

Brie Larson is a super talented actress and a cultivator of a social media page that exudes positive vibes. Larson is never shy to share fitness workout videos, fun clips of what she’s getting up to, or a wonderful fashion pic. In her latest post, Larson goes regal as she poses like a Princess in a strapless pink dress.

“I’m giving ‘princess peach watering the garden”‘ writes Brie Larson in the caption accompanying her sunny set pictures of her posing elegantly in a lovely pink summer dress. The cute caption may simply be a play on a possible Super Mario fandom that Larson holds, or maybe slight envy towards Anya Taylor-Joy, who gets to be Princess Peach for real in the upcoming Super Mario Bros: The Movie. It’s likely just a fun little play of words by Larson, however, Universal did once eye the Captain Marvel actress for the role that ultimately went to Taylor-Joy. You can see Brie Larson’s Instagram post in full, below.

Brie Larson’s pink dress post is just one post among many that form the steady stream of content the actress upload to social media. In recent days and weeks, the actress has shared numerous personal insights with her 7 million Instagram followers. These insights include; keeping in action-film-star shape via pole-dancing classes, wishing her Marvel co-star Tom Holland a happy birthday, and showing off the incredible results of her workout regime.

It is clear then that Brie Larson leads a very busy and fun-filled lifestyle, which naturally, should be par for the course when one is a superstar Hollywood actress. Brie Larson used stunning indie film performances in the likes of Room to pursue a successful blockbuster movie career. Larson has appeared in the likes of Captain Marvel, Kong: Skull Island and is now set to feature in the Fast and Furious franchise as well. Larson joins Vin Diesel and his ever-expanding cast of thrill seekers in Fast X, in an unnamed role.

However, when Brie Larson isn’t involved in blockbuster movie-making, she is giving fans a glimpse at the other side of herself. The down-to-earth version of Brie. Larson communicates to her fans not only in light-hearted captions and fun pink dress pics but also on a Youtube channel. On the channel, which has over 600 thousand subscribers, Larson engages in day-to-day activities from Taco making to composting and often has time for a celebrity guest as well. Another key facet of what appears to be Brie Larson’s fun personality is her tendency to support important causes. Via Brie Larson’s Instagram profile, followers can find a number of links for charitable foundations and support organizations, ranging from SAGE (a support organization for elderly members of the LGBTQ+ community) to GLAAD (a media enterprise shaping a positive narrative of LGBT acceptance). Brie Larson then really is a triple threat, a blockbuster actress, a fun, down-to-earth social media presence, and a force for good and equality. Princess Peach in the garden has a whole lot to offer the world.