Brie Larson Poses In A Blazer Without A Shirt For New Post

By Faith McKay | 2 months ago

brie larson

Brie Larson’s Instagram game is on point. The actress let her 6.9 million followers on the platform know that she was wearing a sleek look from Chanel for Oscar weekend celebrations. The two-piece outfit is a glittering black and gold. Fittingly, she took a stunning photo with golden lighting for the first shot she would go on to share with fans. The post is a slideshow of four pictures total. The second has her posing in a garden with a high ponytail and a full look at the designer outfit. The next shows a close-up of her rings, and the last a closer look at the outfit itself.

See the photos from Brie Larson below.

The post from Brie Larson doesn’t make clear if she’s attending the Oscar awards or if she is celebrating at a party with friends. Whatever she’s up to, she’s dressed to the nines for the big Hollywood celebration. She’s definitely no stranger to the event, as a past winner herself. At the 2016 event, she won Best Actress for her performance in Room.

It’s unclear how much winning an Oscar helps a performer’s career in Hollywood. Halle Berry has said that her win didn’t do much to improve her career opportunities. While Brie Larson has been active in the industry for decades, it does seem that her career picked up after this moment. Since 2016, she’s been in Kong: Skull Island, which marked her first major franchise. That same year, her directorial debut was released on Netflix. Unicorn Store is a quirky and offbeat movie with Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson. The two would soon be meeting up again in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Brie Larson got her start as Carol Danvers with her own solo movie in Captain Marvel. The 2019 release was a major hit, even for a franchise like Marvel. The movie brought in a hefty $1.128 billion at the global box office, marking a major success. Her character has since appeared in several Marvel movies, including Avengers: Endgame, Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings, and the upcoming movie, The Marvels.

While Marvel movies could be enough to keep anyone busy, Brie Larson finds herself engaged in a lot of other projects at the same time, many of them online. In 2020, the got very involved in developing her own YouTube channel. In 2021, she let this slide for a while, as she was busy filming The Marvels. She picked up the project again recently, and has taken the opportunity do make videos about personal things like her morning routine and her adventures in yard work.

Like many celebrities these days, she’s also gotten herself into some controversy with fans. A few of Brie Larson’s recent social media posts have involved NFTs and the Metaverse. Many of her fans claim they aren’t willing to follow her into these ventures.

Despite these setbacks, her follower count is still as high as ever. When she isn’t making Marvel movies, promoting controversial technology, developing her YouTube content, or posting on Instagram, Brie Larson can be heard discussing life on her podcast, Learning Lots With Brie Larson And Jessie Ennis.