See An Intense Brie Larson Eye Her Prey

By James Brizuela | Published

brie larson

We love a good joke, and Brie Larson has tricked everyone with one of the most intense looks she has given on her Instagram page. The famed MCU actress showed off a collection of images, which all look fantastic. The first is of herself looking elegant, sexy, and smoldering as she stares directly into the camera, eyeing her prey. The caption of “Got my eyes on that mac” leads one to believe that Mac is the person she is going in on. However, the collection unveils some fantastic-looking BBQ that she is about to eat. Quite honestly, we are looking at that mac too. You can see these photos below:

This is a much different side than we are used to seeing. The usual post from Brie Larson is that of an intense workout that she is involved in, and this time, we are possibly seeing what she rewards herself with after those intense workouts. We are also not sure where she has ordered this BBQ from, but it looks amazing. The above photo collection has amassed well over 170,000 and 700 comments from people telling Larson how amazing she looks and questioning where she possibly ordered that food from. These are our sentiments too.

Brie Larson might just be bulking up, as she is currently filming her role in Fast X, which is the second to last movie that is being worked on in the Fast & Furious franchise. Well, that’s to say it’s the last of the two with all the main characters. There are plenty of rumors that a few spin-off films are in the works. She must keep pace with all the other wonderful actresses in the film like Michelle Rodriguez, Charlize Theron, and Jordana Brewster. We all know that Larson can hold her own, as she has become one of the most popular MCU heroes, Captain Marvel. Her reprisal of the character is happening in The Marvels, which is currently in post-production. However, we will not be seeing The Marvels until June of 2023. From there, Larson will be taking her talents to two different television shows, one of which sees her playing a CIA operative, and the other a scientist.

Brie Larson has become one of the most popular actresses in show business. Her time in the MCU has catapulted her to the top of the list for sought-after talent. All she did was ask to be in the Fast & Furious franchise via an interview, and Vin Diesel called her up to make that happen. There are rumors of a female-led spin-off film happening after the main story wraps up, and we would love to see Larson leading that film.

For now, we can all just take a better look at the life of Brie Larson via her social media pages. She often shows fans her workouts, guitar skills, and all manner of pics and videos showing a bit more about her personal life. She looks amazing in the above photo, and we are now all hungrier after taking in her intense stare and that delicious-looking BBQ.