See Brie Larson Getting Drunk At A Concert

Brie Larson posts fun and sexy pictures from a Chicks concert to her Instagram.

By Joshua Jones | Published

Brie Larson is living her best life. The Captain Marvel actress posted several photos of herself hanging out with friends at a Chicks concert. Clearly, the actress knows how to let loose and party.

The Instagram photo comes just days after Brie Larson revealed on social media that she’s practicing self-care in Hawaii. Understandably, an actress of her caliber would need some time to chill every once in a while. Outside of her MCU work, Larson has become a respected, award-winning performer and industry darling.

Brie Larson is so committed to her role as Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers that she recently visited Disneyland Paris to experience the new Avengers Assemble: Flight Force attraction and take a few photos with fans. Larson briefly made a cameo as the character in the Disney+ series Ms. Marvel. From what the end credits set up, it seems Kamal Khan may soon be meeting one of her favorite avengers.

Brie Larson Captain Marvel
Brie Larson as the eponymous hero in Captain Marvel (2019)

Speaking of Kamala Khan, the actress who plays the character, Iman Vellani, bumped into Brie Larson at the gift shop in Disneyland. While the encounter was brief, fans could see both actresses’ genuine emotions and love for one another. The two will perform together in the upcoming MCU project, The Marvels, slated to come out in July 2023.

Although Brie Larson has appeared briefly in one MCU Disney+ project, the actress has shown her support for the Disney+ shows on her social media. Before the release of the Guardians of the Galaxy shorts titled I Am Groot, Larson celebrated the series by wearing a hat that featured the titular character. In the Instagram post, she revealed that she’s a big Groot fan.

Outside of her MCU work, Brie Larson is also about to appear in the next installment of the Fast and Furious franchise with Fast 10. Larson is so excited to be part of the film that she wished one of the film’s stars, Vin Diesel, a happy birthday on social media. During an interview with Uproxx, Larson stated it was “100 percent” her dream to be in a Fast and Furious film.

Regarding television projects, Brie Larson is set to star in a drama series for AppleTV+ titled Lessons in Chemistry. Based on the novel of the same name, Lessons in Chemistry centers on a female scientist in the 1960s who begins using a cooking show she is hired for to educate housewives on scientific topics. In addition to starring in the series, Larson will serve as executive producer.

Whether on television, in movies, or even on Instagram, Brie Larson can attract much attention. Captain Marvel became the first female-led superhero film to earn over $1 billion at the box office, a feat that Larson will forever claim. She can also call herself an Academy Award winner for her work in the 2016 film Room.

Brie Larson does have a lot to party about, for sure. Whatever the future holds for the actress, it will undoubtedly be something that will attract the eyes of many who have adored her work so far.