Brie Larson Cancelled On Twitter For Changing Her Profile Pic

Brie Larson posted something on Twitter today that had fans up in arms, threatening to cancel the actress on the social media platform

By David Harrison | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Brie Larson has been something of a magnet on social media. She runs a number of very popular social media platforms and even has a much-watched YouTube channel as well. Sometimes the posts, especially on Instagram can get a little goofy. And there are plenty of workout pics and videos thrown in. It’s mostly harmless. But now she’s under a bit of social media fire because of something she posted and changed on her Twitter profile. Fans seem more than a little upset about the change with Larson posting that she’d purchased an NFT to display as her profile pic. For some reason, this sent a number of fans into an absolute tizzy. 

The original post went up on Friday from the official Brie Larson account which has roughly 2.8 million followers. In it, Larson displays an NFT from @FlowerGirlsNFT by artist Varvara Alay. The latter has a number of NFTs all around a similar theme of women adorned with intricate and colorful floral headpieces. It all seems fine enough with Larson clearly happy to be displaying something from an artist she likes and respects. Check out the original post and picture: 

This seemingly innocent move by Brie Larson was met with almost immediate backlash from fans of hers who were overwhelmingly disappointed in her decision to put up an NFT as part of her profile. Citing a number of things like possible environmental impact because of the underlying tech to just being miffed that she is part of the current trend, some of the comments would have made you think she had posted pictures of her standing over a mutilated corpse or something. But fans are going to fan and they clearly didn’t like the move. Check out some of the responses. 

Again, to be this mad about someone’s profile pic being an NFT means that we are probably just out of real problems. But there was just considerable consternation about this move from Brie Larson. It continues the wave of celebrities backing different projects in the space. According to, the NFT was purchased on the Open Sea platform on Thursday for the price of $2,700 (.725 Ethereum). It registers as Brie Larson being the official owner, though there is a chance that it was transferred to another account quickly. 

In all, this is a trend that is unlikely to go away anytime soon, even if there is a certain segment of the population that seems to condemn it across the board. With celebrities like Brie Larson supporting projects and giving them a much bigger platform for general publicity, it’s likely that the overall industry is buoyed even if a possible vocal minority wants nothing to do with it. 

As for Brie Larson, we will next see her on the big screen when she stars once again as Carol Danvers in The Marvels, a follow-up film to Captain Marvel. It is currently filming. And then there will be the limited series Lessons in Chemistry. She will star as a scientist in the 1960s who is fired from her lab position when it comes out that she’s pregnant.