See A Bruised Brie Larson Celebrating Summer In A Bikini

By Michileen Martin | 17 seconds ago

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When you work your body as hard as Brie Larson works hers, the occasional scrape and bruise is inevitable. The Captain Marvel star posted a new photo to her social media revealing a nasty looking bruise on the back of her leg. As much as the bruise doesn’t look much fun, it doesn’t stop her from looking absolutely delicious in some perfectly chosen swimwear.

Brie Larson posted the photo to her official Instagram account on Sunday. Larson is stretched out on the carpet of what appears to be a home office in a cute two-piece floral bikini. The bruise is clearly visible on the back of her leg, and the actress doesn’t shy away from it. Her caption reads, “Summer is here but bruisesĀ from training are in every season,” followed by a laughing emoji. You can see the image below.

You don’t have to dig too deep to find examples of the types of workouts that could’ve caused the bruise. Brie Larson regularly posts pictures and videos from her intense workouts to social media, and it isn’t tough to imagine a misstep punishing the actress with a bruise or two. In one of her most recent workout posts, for example, Larson showed images from her new pole-dancing class. Any of the challenging poses she assumes in the pictures could potentially be the reason for the bruise. You can see what we’re talking about in the photos she posted below.

Then again, a row machine could very well be the culprit. Back in April, Brie Larson took to social media to admit that — in spite of regularly showing off her ridiculously impressive workout routines — she found the row machine challenging. The Marvel star asked her Internet followers for help to become a “row queen.” You can see that post below.

Whatever training or workout it was that was responsible for her bruises, it’s no doubt that Larson was doing it for the upcoming Fast X. In early April, the word came that Brie Larson had been tapped to be part of the growing cast for Vin Diesel’s “family.” Likewise stars such as Jason Momoa, Alan Ritchson, Daniela Melchior, and Rita Moreno have been added to the film, reportedly inflating the budget to make Fast X already one of the most expensive films in the history of cinema.

For Brie Larson, getting tapped for Fast X was the realization of a dream. In February she told Uproxx she wanted to join the Fast & Furious franchise, and even said she would love to see a crossover between the Fast heroes and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While the latter proposal doesn’t seem like the most probable project, clearly Diesel caught word of Larson’s urge to join the “Family.”

Speaking of Marvel, Brie Larson’s next leading role in the MCU is delayed a bit. The Marvels was going to release in theaters next February. However, in April came the news that Marvel had swapped release dates for The Marvels and Ant-Man & The Wasp: Quantumania. The latter film will release in February while The Marvels is delayed until July 28, 2023.