Breaking Bad Star Tells Americans To “STFU” About Gas Prices

By Britta DeVore | 11 seconds ago

breaking bad better call saul

Look. We’re all feeling the hole in our wallets from gas prices. It’s no surprise to anyone that the numbers at the pump have been steadily climbing up for months now, leaving everyone dumbstruck at just how bad it’s gotten. With folks complaining left and right, blaming everyone from President Joe Biden to the war between Russia and Ukraine, one celebrity decided to step forward and explain it in the best way that he could: on Twitter. Having had enough of the fossil fuel drama, ex-Breaking Bad actor Dean Norris addressed followers with his hot takes on pump prices.

Coming for the very American idea of capitalism, Dean Norris told fans that they were in fact “not getting “robbed” at the pump,” but were just being tossed about in the wave of “fair market price” for the daily necessity. Hitting capitalists where it hurts the most, he told those who loved the concept to “STFU.” Dang, Dean! Really coming in hot. And while it’s absolutely fair for him to come for those followers who support the economic system, some sounded off in the comments to tell Norris to take a seat as he himself is a privileged actor making way more than the average person.

Celebrities getting involved in politically aimed topics is always the perfect recipe for an onslaught of opinions and comments from fans of varying backgrounds. After stating his case, Dean Norris was crushed by a comment section that saw each user throwing in their two cents surrounding the ever-rising prices. From socialism to the Keystone Pipeline, everyone had their own theories to share about why gas has been on a steady price rise during 2022.

Fans of the series, Breaking Bad will recognize Dean Norris as Hank Schrader, Walter White’s (Bryan Cranston) DEA brother-in-law who finally grew wise of Walter’s double life by the end of the series. It’s always funny to see how an actor can differ from their on-screen character, as proven by this instance. Whereas Hank would most likely be railing against socialism, in real life, Norris seems to be much more left leaning than his Breaking Bad counterpart. And while it’s hard to appease everyone, we’re sure that both Hank and Dean would have some choice words to say in the comments, although, so far, Norris has held those back. 

Tweets or no tweets, our nation is still under a severe crisis with gas prices skyrocketing, and the worst part is that there’s no end in sight. Yahoo! News reported that the President blamed the refineries for the steady increase, citing a “disconnect” between the cost of oil and that of gas, specifically pointing the finger at businesses including BP and ExxonMobil. With fingers pointed every which way, we all (Dean Norris included) just want to see those prices move downward. Following the wallet crush of the COVID-19 pandemic, which is continuing to affect countless Americans today, the cost of gasoline puts more of a budget crunch on those trying to recover. 

It’s unclear as to what Dean Norris was attempting to do by using his platform. He surely must have known that he couldn’t change the price of gas, so was he simply stirring the pot? Or perhaps he was attempting to get a conversation about America’s economic policies in motion. Whatever the case, he most certainly both gained and lost some supporters with his message.