Boycott Jeopardy Trends As Fans Are Outraged At Current Guest Host

By Doug Norrie | 2 months ago

dr. oz

A call to boycott Jeopardy! doesn’t seem like it would be the kind of programming ripe for cancel culture, but this is 2021 and anything is on the table when it comes to the internet mob getting its hands on a show. That looks like it’s the case with the iconic trivia show which has run afoul of a certain section of its viewership over the choice of its latest guest host. Some folks are threatening to boycott Jeopardy! because of the decision to have Dr. Oz host the program over the next couple of weeks. 

The boycott Jeopardy! train started rolling out of the station back in February when Dr. Oz was announced as the short-term guest host. But it really picked up steam this week when the shows actually began to air. Many were quick to jump on social media to voice their displeasure and called on viewers and fans to turn the program off during its scheduled broadcast. Some examples include:

Dr. Mehmet Oz, better known as his stage name Dr. Oz, began a two-week stint as the celebrity guest host, which started this boycott Jeopardy! theme and fans were none-too-pleased with the decision. It seems that some thought it an errant choice based on the television doctor’s recent stances on certain medical topics espoused on his popular daytime talk show. Among the controversies he’s been involved with in the past including his stance on early Covid-19 protocols and his takes on hydroxychloroquine as a suitable treatment for the disease during the pandemic. 

Dr. Oz also had a controversial interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News about a year ago, during the onset of the pandemic in which he intimated that schools should be quick to reopen. Whether this opinion was correct or not is beside the point with this current call to cancel and boycott Jeopardy!. It definitely ran afoul of a subset of viewers and their opinions around pandemic-related protocols, regulations, and closures. It’s stemming from these opinions as well as other possible pseudoscience claims on this show that have folks upset with the decision to have him host the trivia show. 

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A petition to boycott Jeopardy! and remove Dr. Oz as the host is starting to make the rounds as well though I don’t suspect it does much to stop these couple of weeks of shows from airing. Other guest hosts filling in for the recently deceased Alex Trebek include former champion Ken Jennings, news anchor Katie Couric, quarterback Aaron Rodgers and Dr. Sanjay Gupta. 

Dr. Oz was just recently in the news though for a better reason than getting folks to possibly boycott Jeopardy!. While at the Newark Airport he helped resuscitate a man who’d gone into cardiac arrest. He’s credited with helping to save the fellow passenger’s life. So it’s not all pseudo-science for the doctor even if people do want him removed from the popular trivia show.