Bob Saget’s Wife Challenges Elon Musk

Bob Saget's widow, Kelly Rizzo, publicly pleaded for Elon Musk to reinstate the late comedians Twitter verification on the anniversary of his death.

By Jonathan Klotz | Published

Earlier this week was the one-year anniversary of Bob Saget’s passing while on tour in Florida. To commemorate the occasion, his wife spent some time on Twitter, retweeting articles and condolences from friends, when she apparently noticed that the late comedian’s account had lost its blue verified checkmark. As a result, the television host tweeted the CEO of Twitter, Elon Musk, with a request to reinstate the verification, the removal of which seems to have been a surprise to Kelly Rizzo.

As of today, Elon Musk has not commented to the post, and Bob Saget’s Twitter account remains unverified. In a follow up comment, Rizzo mentioned how the Full House star would have reacted, “He’d say ‘hey if someone goes to see my page and all the jokes I’ve tweeted over the years, how will they know it’s for sure me!?” To demonstrate how much Saget really loved Twitter, his account still has 2.2 million followers, including his final tweet, sent just a few hours before he passed away, thanking fans for attending his show in Jacksonville.

Bob Saget passed away peacefully in his sleep after hitting the back of his head, in one of those heartbreaking stories that reminds us all just how fragile life can be. As one of his followers on Twitter commented, in shock, “Dude, you just tweeted this 16 hours ago….this can’t be true.” Initial reports that the How I Met Your Mother star passed away from a drug overdose turned out to be false, with the reality of the situation being far more simple, and both unavoidable while also tragically preventable.

What likely happened to Bob Saget’s Twitter account is that the verification was wiped when Elon Musk took ownership of the social media platform and revised the rules around being verified. Instead of going through an approval process to be deemed as a notable, active account in the public interest, now users can sign up for the Twitter Blue service and receive a checkmark. Going by the verification requirement page on Twitter, accounts that were already approved under the previous guidelines was supposed to be carried over into the new regulations, which means technically, the America’s Funniest Home Video’s host should still have a blue checkmark.

Bob Saget on Fuller House

With a service used by millions of people worldwide, if something falls through the cracks, it’s understandable, especially given the drastically reduced number of employees keeping Twitter running. Bob Saget likely would have already made a few jokes at Elon’s expense regarding the whole Twitter acquisition, as the surprisingly acerbic comedian had more in common with George Carlin than he did his most famous character, Danny Tanner. After Full House was a smash hit there were reports of people attending Saget’s standup shows that were shocked over just how blue he worked.

Hopefully Kelly Rizzo is able to somehow get Bob Saget’s account re-verified, especially as the comedian did leave an incredible legacy of tweets on the platform. Other groups have honored the late star, including the Taste Awards renaming their Best Comedy award to the Bob Saget Award for Best Comedy and Humor. For those looking for a way to remember the star, try Netflix’s Dirty Daddy: The Bob Saget Tribute, featuring the late star’s friends and family.