Bill Murray To Reveal More About His Private Life In Controversial New Project

By James Brizuela | 2 months ago

bill murray

Bill Murray is one of the most beloved actors that has ever graced film screens. He has produced some of the most classic comedies in the history of cinema. Now the illustrious actor is joining a host of other celebrities in a controversial business property. The wave of cryptocurrency and online virtual live via the Metaverse has also led to the importance of NFTs, which is sort of like owning a digital piece of artwork. Celebrities like Brie Larson and Sylvester Stallone have joined the fray, and now it seems as if Mr. Murray will follow suit.

The man is partnering with The Chive to release a series of NFTs that will be attached to all the legendary Bill Murray stories that have been passed around Hollywood and to fans. One such story often told is that of Murray crashing several weddings and bachelor parties. Naturally, he is very welcomed into these parties, because well, he is Bill Murray. Would you throw him out of your wedding or bachelor party? We certainly wouldn’t. These stories will be turned into special NFTs that will showcase an image and a textual anecdote about one of his epic stories. These stories have been revealed by the actor to The Chive or have been cultivated from some of his published works. Either way, fans will end up with a special story all their own.

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Bill Murray has lived quite a storied life and John Resig, Chive Media Group co-founder, has been allowed to hear quite a bit about his life. According to him, “I asked Billy why he hadn’t decided to tell them, to fill in the missing pieces of the mythology? ‘The timing has never been right, nor has the storytelling vehicle. I don’t want to film a documentary or write an autobiography. Social media is for the birds. Still, I wish most people would understand how much I like fresh eggs, laid daily.'” In typical Murray, fashion, he speaks on what it means to own one of his stories, and the last bit about fresh eggs is one that will be turned into an NFT. While it may seem confusing and odd to want to turn these stories into a digital blockchain collectible, it’s still hilarious in nature.

Bill Murray is also known to be good friends with the members of the Wu-Tang Clan, and if any of those epic stories are turned into an NFT, then it stands to reason that everyone would be flocking to purchase them. In a world where the man can do whatever he wants leads one to understand that he likely has a bounty of stories that have been made public, but a great deal more that has 10 yet to be told. The hope would then be that whoever purchases the NFT of one of these stories would then release it to the rest of the public. That, or they can understand how special it is that they own a piece of Murray’s life.

A 2018 documentary titled, The Bill Murray Stories: Life Lessons Learned From a Mythical Man, attempted to sum up his life. The actor had nothing to do with the film but assures that some of these NFTs will be the truth about the film’s stories told straight from his mouth. That has certainly got to be worth something. Be on the lookout for the Murray NFT collection in the near future.