Bill Cosby Found Guilty In Another Sexual Abuse Case

Bill Cosby has, once again, been found guilty of sexual abuse. This time it was from an incident that occurred decades ago

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby has been convicted of another crime, this time the sexual assault of a minor almost five decades ago. It’s yet another turn in the downfall of the once-famous comedian whose been tied to almost countless sexual misconduct allegations. Deadline is reporting that a jury in Santa Monica, California ruled in favor of the plaintiff Judith Huth who had accused Cosby of committing sexual assault on her back in 1976. This case has been going on for some time and had taken something of a backseat in Cosby’s own legal trials and tribulations, some of which had landed him in prison for some time.

As part of the jury’s ruling against Bill Cosby on Tuesday, it’s also being reported that they awarded Huth $500,000 in damages. Because this was a civil case, Bill Cosby will not face additional jail time because of the ruling, though it was rendered a guilty verdict nonetheless. This is far from the first civil suit brought against the actor and comedian over the years. There have been eight previous ones brought all at once in 2015 just for starters. Huth’s timeline predates some other alleged incidents involving Cosby and the trial had been on pause while he had been serving jail time.

The case brought by Judith Huth against Bill Cosby stemmed from an incident she said had allegedly occurred back in 1976 when she was 16 years old. There had been some confusion and rearranging of dates considering that when she first made the accusation, the year had been 1974 when she was 15 years old. But that was amended later on. The case was originally filed all the way back in 2014, nearly 40 years after when Huth alleged Cosby abused her at the Playboy Mansion. But because California law allows for longer timelines on adults filing cases for when they had been minors, there wasn’t a statute of limitations on the incident, allowing the case to proceed.

But this trial had been on hold while Bill Cosby was in prison. He had been sent there in 2018 after being found guilty of aggravated assault against Andrea Constand. Originally, the conviction was set to have Cosby spend three to ten years in prison, though after three his sentence was vacated because it was found that there had been something of a “promise” not to prosecute by then-District Attorney Bruce Castor related to a civil trial (Cosby had a lot people accusing him of a lot of stuff).

Bill Cosby leaving prison opened the door for the Judith Huth trial to continue and after a few weeks, of depositions, numerous witnesses, and testimonies, the jury handed down this verdict. According to Deadline, Bill Cosby, who was not in attendance, plans to appeal the decision through his legal team. It looks like he is set to continue spending more years in court before it’s all said and done. That’s because there is still a pending lawsuit filed by Lili Bernard in New Jersey who has also accused Bill Cosby of sexual misconduct from incidents that happened back in 1990.