Betty White Revealed A Big Secret Ahead Of A Major Milestone

By Erika Hanson | 7 seconds ago

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Just like the previous year, 2021 has been a wild and often depressing ride. But one thing that still stands tall, out beating pandemics and old age, is icon Betty White. The coveted national treasure- as she is often referred to, was often the butt of many jokes this past year, as fans called to “protect Betty White” at all costs. Well, it seems those good vibes paid off. Betty White will bring in the New Year joining the centenarian club as she nears her 100th Birthday. So what is the key to the award-winning actress’s longevity? Recently, the Golden Girls star dished out some of the ways she keeps her mind and body in prime.

Speaking with People Magazine ahead of her milestone, Betty White opened up about how she has been able to pull off a long, happy life. “I’m so lucky to be in such good health and feel so good at this age. It’s amazing,” she said, adding in a perfectly quippy Betty White manner that she tries “to avoid anything green”. But what possibly sets White apart from others is her ability to always find the positive in life- something she says she got from her Mother. 

Making her grand entrance to the world on January 17th, 1922 in Illinois, Betty White was the only child of her parents. Growing up in California, the young Betty White lived through the Great Depression. She first discovered her interest in performing from her love of writing. Appearing in random television specials and eventually landing a gig modeling, she put her career on hold at the start of World War II as she volunteered for the American Women’s Voluntary Society.

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After the war, Betty White once again pursued her show biz aspirations and landed radio jobs often reading commercials or playing bit parts. She went on to land her own radio show, called The Betty White Show in 1949. A huge success, White landed her first Emmy Award nomination for best actress on television in 1951. The impact was huge, as it was also the first year the Emmys would designate an award category for women on television.

Betty White’s fame did not wean at all as she aged. And just like fine wine, the young starlet became more popular with everything she appeared in, including the likes of TV personalities such as Johnny Carson of The Late Show. Possibly her most recognizable role came in 1985 with the sitcom Golden Girls, in which the 63-year-old White played St. Olaf, Minnesota native Rose Nylund. The simple and often naive character quickly became a beloved staple in households. And three decades later, the show still holds power over pop culture as it’s still largely coveted. 

Not letting age slow her down one bit, Betty White went into a new century busy as ever. The aughts brought the actress roles on shows like The Bold and the Beautiful, Hot in Cleveland,  and Boston Legal. And as if that wasn’t enough, she’s also held countless cameo roles in movies and TV over the last decade. 

While the 99-year-old might not have any projects slated for her future, she definitely is finding ways to keep busy. Turning to a quieter retirement life at her home in Los Angeles, Betty White also told People magazine that she likes to keep busy with crossword puzzles, card games, and watching Jeopardy and animal documentaries. She even takes some time to hit the green and practice her swing playing golf. The icon will celebrate her 100th Birthday on January 17th. To mark the milestone, White is inviting everyone to celebrate with her. Fans can watch White’s birthday special, 100 Years Young, which will be chock full of celebrity appearances including Ryan Reynolds, in select theaters soon.