See Bernie Sanders Turned Into One Of DCs Most Powerful Villains

By Doug Norrie | 7 seconds ago

bernie sanders

For some people out there, especially in certain political circles, Bernie Sanders is seen as something of a hero. But there are others who see him quite the opposite, representing certain ideals they don’t want to see from the United States government. So goes the current political climate that has become increasingly polarized with each passing year. Well, recently someone decided to take Sanders and put him in the ultimate villain role. And they did it using one of the classic memes of our time. It’s quite the mashup and I think both fans and detractors of Sanders alike can find some humor in this one. 

The art comes from Dan Schkade, a comic book artist best known for his work on Lavender Jack. So you know right from the start we are going to be getting something good: actual professional quality around a meme. And Schkade pulls it off to perfection, using the famous Bernie Sanders meme with the menacing glower and oversized mittens to put him in the place of the DC Villain Metron. Sanders is sitting in the Mobius Chair which now has a very grump occupant. Check it out:

The Bernie Sanders scene used in this picture was made famous last January during the Inauguration ceremony for President Joe Biden. During the ceremony, Sanders was photographed cross-legged, masked up, and sitting slump-shouldered in what could only be described as the very opposite of excited. Sure, he had been in line for a possible Democratic Presidential run at one point, so this was likely not the most uplifting of moments. But what caught everyone’s eye, at a very buttoned-up and strict affair was Bernie’s oversized winter coat and very overused wool mittens what the offsetting triangle pattern that looked comically out of place. 

This photo of Bernie Sanders inspired nearly limitless memes, placing the lifelong politician and political activist in all manner of silly and out-of-place situations. That none of them were more offsetting than his actual position was just part of the comedy. And Schkade putting him in the Mobius Chair just adds to the hilarity. Metron is a DC character, a high villain though often relegated to the sidelines in observer status. He’s of extreme intellect which has, at times, put him at odds with heroes or teaming with others like Darkseid. In a quest for knowledge, he rides in the Mobius Chair which can move instantaneously infinite distances across both time and space. In this way, he’s sitting more in the god-like status of things than the typical hero or villain. 

Because Metron is such a dour sort, completely lacking any humor, the placement of Bernie Sanders in the Mobius Chair is perfect. While Metron, as a New God, has been on the quest for knowledge and invention, an unending quest that can never be fully satisfied, Sanders has been on something of the same path politically through his run. It’s led to the same overall gestalt, a perpetual grumpiness that makes Sanders perfect sitting in the Mobius Chair.