Ben Affleck Jennifer Lopez Marriage Gets Worse With Mansion Move-Out

By TeeJay Small | Updated

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have famously been an on-again off-again Hollywood power couple since the pair first got together in 2002. After getting married in a Las Vegas ceremony two years ago, it seemed as though the duo were destined for a long and fruitful relationship. Unfortunately, according to a report in People, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are currently on the outs, with Affleck moving his belongings out of their shared home.

No Official Word Yet

Ben Affleck Jennifer Lopez

The exclusive write-up in People cites the word of an anonymous source close to the couple, who confirms that Affleck has been highly focused on his work in recent months. This may serve as an explanation for the couples’ perceived turmoil, though Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have offered no official word about their relationship to media outlets. People previously reported that the couple had put their $61 million Beverly Hills mansion on the market just a few weeks ago.

Reports That Ben Affleck Moved Out

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Per the anonymous source, Ben Affleck has been living in a rental property in Brentwood, California for the last several months, while Jennifer Lopez has taken an elongated vacation in Europe with a few of her friends. These reports follow speculation that the couple have not been publicly seen together for several months, though they have each been photographed in and around their respective West Hollywood offices, which are housed in the same building.

In addition to Ben Affleck’s change of living situation, the Academy Award-winner was photographed without his wedding ring while Jennifer Lopez was on vacation. Obviously, the state of their marriage is a touchy subject and likely still in flux at this time, though these images seemed to be enough to seal the deal for onlooking reporters.

A Blended Family

The couple’s blended family of five children further complicates the marriage between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. Though the pair likely have a staff of nannies and other childcare assistants, it can be very difficult to split up a family when children are involved, especially when the couple each has biological kids with other people. Lopez shares a pair of twins with her former partner, Marc Anthony, while Affleck’s three kids come from his marriage to actress Jennifer Garner.

Celebrated Milestones Together Recently

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Despite Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s alleged split, the couple seem to be on good terms with one another, as they recently celebrated graduations for a few of Affleck’s kids. Though they haven’t been photographed together in awhile, Lopez shared a touching Father’s Day post about Affleck less than two weeks ago, signaling that she still appreciates him as a family man.

Fan Speculation Is Running Wild

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As Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez get closer to selling their multi-million dollar home and settling into more permanent housing, concrete answers are sure to come. Though most fans are just about positive that the duo is destined for divorce, this whole situation could theoretically be one massive speed bump on their happy journey. Even if this is truly the beginning of the end for Affleck and Lopez, their union was certainly fun while it lasted.

Source: People