See Bella Thorne Running On A Boat In A Bikini

By Britta DeVore | 1 month ago

bella thorne

It’s unsafe to run on a boat! But Bella Thorne doesn’t care about that. The Time Is Up actress is having the time of her life in Cabo and took to Instagram to share the good vibes with her followers. Clad in a white bikini with the sounds of Petit Biscuit’s “Sunset Lover” playing in the background, the red headed model runs down the side of a gorgeous yacht before posting up in the front to show off the scenery with some jazz hands. Bella Thorne then turns around and flashes a smile to the camera before the video takes a quick turn and boom! now we’re looking at seals sunbathing. 

Then, just like that, we’re back to Bella Thorne standing in front of a table decked out with some leftovers. The clip is a little all over the place, so it looks like the rosé was definitely flowing and that everyone on board was enjoying the best time of the day for photos – golden hour! In the caption, Thorne wrote, “Llévame de vuelta” which translates to “take me back,” leading us to believe that this post was technically a #latergram. A quick flip through Bella Thorne’s Instagram grid confirms our suspicions that she was indeed in Cabo not yesterday, but at the end of March. Stunning in the same white bikini, the actress can be spotted on the luxury yacht enjoying her days soaking up the rays in Mexico. 

Everyone deserves a vacation and Bella Thorne is no different. An actress, model, and singer, Thorne’s newest feature was just released a few weeks ago in mid-March. Measure of Revenge saw the young actress starring alongside Academy Award winning actress Melissa Leo, and Jake Weary. In what was billed as a psychological thriller, Measure of Revenge centered around a Broadway actress, Lillian Cooper (Leo), preparing to give her farewell performance to her fans. When tragedy strikes in the form of the mysterious death of her famous son Curtis (Weary), Lillian finds herself lost and searching for answers.

Initially, the death is declared an accidental overdose, but Curtis’ fiercely protective mother doesn’t believe that this could be the case. Her search for the truth leads her to her son’s drug dealer, Taz (Bella Thorne), and the two soon dive head first into uncovering what really happened to Curtis. Following its release, the film met incredibly poor reviews with a current critics rating of 11% on Rotten Tomatoes. 

Along with her time in Measure of Revenge, Bella Thorne has been staying busy traveling the world and starring in Time Is Up which was released in September of last year. A love story which shot on location in Rome, the film saw Thorne starring opposite her real-life fiancée, Benjamin Mascolo. Although the feature was a total flop, the silver lining for the couple at the center of it all was that they were able to make some unforgettable memories in one of the dreamiest cities on the planet.

Whether she’s in Cabo, Rome, Paris, or Los Angeles, Bella Thorne is always having the time of her life. And, while she’s missing sailing on the blue waters off the coast of Cabo, we’re sure she’ll be back sometime soon.