Woman Fights Bear To Protect Her Dogs, Watch The Video

By Doug Norrie | 2 weeks ago

grizzly bear

You are sitting in your backyard, enjoying the beautiful sunshine, basking in the glory of life along with your beloved pets and then you see something scaling your back fence. It’s a bear and all it wants to do is take a swipe and maybe a bite out of you and your dogs. What would you do? I’ll tell you what it probably wouldn’t be: sprinting at it full speed and offering a full shove so your dogs could get to safety. But that’s exactly what was captured on video this week and posted to TikTok when a teenager was the hero we all need in our life. 

The video was captured off of a home security camera and the action unfolds almost like a nature movie gone wrong. First, there’s a bear scaling the small cement fence in the backyard of a California teenager’s home. The dogs in the backyard act like good protectors, barking and freaking the hell out at the intruder. But the bear isn’t dissuaded at all and keeps coming. That’s when the woman does the thing almost no one in the world would do when she sprints at the bear and shoves that thing right off the fence. Check out this crazy video:

Set to the song Help the Bear by Mystikal which has the great line, “If you ever see me fighting in the forest with a grizzly bear, help the bear” we see California teenager Hailey Morinico who posted her own video on TikTok later in the day after this one went viral. She charges at the bear and shoves it clear off the fence before scampering around to make sure the dogs are going to come with her to safety. It’s crazy heroic with an emphasis on the crazy and a move few would ever dream of pulling off. 

In the TikTok video, she showed off some scrapes she got from going after the bear and scooping up her dogs. And of course, all versions of this video went completely viral. We can’t have it any other way. When someone essentially loses their mind for a second in order to protect the things they love then it’s worthy of being put out there. Some folks did mention the bear was likely in the same mode, possibly protecting its own cubs from the dogs. 

While a bear attack might seem scary and the thought of it happening in your own backyard even scarier, rest assured this kind of thing is pretty rare. Don’t plan on having to go out and rescue your dogs anytime soon. Recent reports have the number at about 11 bear attacks a year in North America. So suffice to say unless you are going out and looking for it then it probably isn’t going to happen. 

black bear

And when it comes to fatal bear attacks, that’s even less likely to happen. In the last two years there are *only* eight documented attacks resulting in fatalities. That being said, of those eight, three have happened in the last month or so. From that perspective we might just say they were on the rise. And one involved a women out walking with her dogs in Colorado. I would say almost never should you charge at a bear to get it to stop on attack. But in this one case pushing it off the fence likely did save the day.