Avril Lavigne Has Suddenly Started Spamming The Internet With Skimpy Bikini Photos

By Faith McKay | 3 weeks ago

avril lavigne

Avril Lavigne has moved on from her early career, but it would be hard to know that considering that at 36 years old she still looks very much like she did twenty years ago and is still making music, a lot of it with that same pop-punk sound she has mastered over the decades. Recently, she announced that she has a new album coming out soon. Joining in on the trend of sharing her personal life with her fans via her Instagram, the singer recently hopped on to share a slew of new photos of herself in an exceptionally small green bikini.

The photos come from Malibu, where Avril Lavigne is spending time by the pool. You need to click the arrow on the right side of the photo in order to see the full line-up of photos the singer shared.

Avril Lavigne established a skater punk persona during her teen years. This helped her stand apart from other popular blonde and young musicians at the time, like Britney Spears and Mandy Moore. She carried this into her twenties, releasing songs about never wanting to grow up and being into rock and roll. These days, while her pop-punk style is still there, she seems to be moving into a new era of this personality. Here, she is sharing fun and upbeat bikini photos. Some of her other recent posts include sharing that she recently purchased his and her skateboards with her boyfriend, with who she recently released a single. She also occasionally posts photos and videos that include her live performances.

The singer and actress isn’t particularly active on Instagram, even though she has 9.5 million followers currently on the platform. With the upcoming release of new music, it seems like she’s likely to be changing that soon. While it was just recently she Avril Lavigne shared that a new album is coming, she is already starting to tick up her posting frequency. She has always used the account as a primary means of communicating with her fans. The singer used to be married to Chad Kroeger, the front and center singer for Nickelback. When the two divorced, she made the announcement via her Instagram account.

While her focus these days has been on living a happy life and creating new music, she also has a history of acting that started with an early appearance on Sabrina the Teenage Witch. She played Alice in Fast Food Nation, her first bigger role. Most recently, she has done some voicework as Snow White for Charming.

Her last major album release and tour both happened in 2019. These days, it’s not entirely clear how she will approach releasing her new album, with the pandemic cancelling many tours. Most musicians releasing work these days are turning to social media to promote their albums and engage with their fans. This may be the beginning of that strategy for Avril Lavigne.