See Aubrey Plaza As A Jewel Thief

By David Harrison | 2 weeks ago

aubrey plaza

Aubrey Plaza has made a career playing weird, or at least odd, characters that work on a number of different levels. In fact, the characters she plays on both the big and small screens seem to mirror much of what she’s like in her actual life. That is at least if some of her live interviews can be believed. And it sure looks like she likes to have fun off-screen as well, channeling some of the characters we’ve seen her play over the years. It’s just a window into why she’s been such a crowd-pleaser in her different productions. Recently, she made it a point to embrace some of that fun. 

Over on Instagram, Aubrey Plaza channeled a character she “played” on Parks and Recreation which is just such a cool throwback in its own right. Aubrey Plaza thanks Cosmopolitan for helping to have her espouse a little inner (and outer) jewel thief, someone quite comparable to her short bit as Janet Snakehole. This was a character that April Ludgate played for a booze-fueled evening in Pawnee, Indiana. That night saw her and her soon-to-be on-air husband Chris Pratt’s Andy Dwyer getting into some role-playing action. Check out what Aubrey Plaza posted on Instagram. 

It’s worth noting here that in the Parks and Recreation episode Aubrey Plaza is referencing in her Instagram post, Janet Snakehole is a widow with a certain look and affect. In the series, at least in the original iteration, she wasn’t necessarily a jewel thief. She was a rich widow with a “secret”. And during this episode, while the crew is getting wasted on Tom Haverford’s Snake Juice, she and Andy who is mastering his inner (and outer) FBI agent Burt Macklin, the two go through a romp that continues to devolve into odder and odder drunken behavior. You can check out the original episode that Aubrey Plaza is referencing in her Instagram post below. 

When she isn’t playing April Ludgate playing Janet Snakehole, Aubrey Plaza has been working on all kinds of things over the last few years. First, there was a critically acclaimed turn as Lenny Busker, and then Shadow King, on FX’s Legion. The show lasted three seasons on the channel, earning rave reviews (90% on Rotten Tomatoes) and Plaza received considerable praise for her multi-faceted character. She had the ability to shift personas over the course of the series. She also made a brief appearance on Criminal Minds as Cat Adams, a contract killer. Oddly, this kind of worked as well for the actress. 

Next up for Aubrey Plaza will be the second season of The White Lotus on HBO Max. This almost feels too perfect considering how the first season of the series turned out. That one followed a group of guests at the titular resort as they struggled with their own demons, issues, misgivings, and more during the stretch of a short vacation. With a new group of folks coming to another resort, Aubrey Plaza should fit right in, such as it were.