Artists Being Banned From Drawing Characters With The Wrong Bust Size

By James Brizuela | Published

artists banned

Patreon is a paid subscription platform that allows artists of all kinds to share some of their more private works with those who are willing to pay for it. Music artists release tracks, merch, and albums on there. The same goes for artists who cover animation, painting, and many other mediums. However, a 3D artist that creates images of anime-styled women has recently been flagged. Artists are being banned for depicting content that goes against the community guidelines. According to a report that the artist provided via Twitter from the artist named Laosduude, Patreon is cracking down on imagery that could be construed as, “graphic depictions of sexual violence/rape/non-con’, ‘sexualized representation of minors (including lolicon/shotacon)’, as well as certain types of furry content (feral, bestiality, etc.).” You can see the post below:

Apparently, the idea behind artists being banned over this content, is that the women created in these images might be mistaken for underage girls. Even though the images are completely made up, the image itself is what poses the problem. The bust size is the biggest issue, as for some reason, if a woman has smaller breasts they can be looked at as “underage.” The same stands for the height of the animated female depicted. Basically, when an anime-styled woman looks young, they might be young, and that is where the issue will stand. According to a representative from the platform, “You can also consider rendering specific physical features to be more in line with the physical development of a full-grown-adult some examples that come to mind are head to body ratio, height, and/or breast size.”

While the parameters of artwork being altered for community standards do sound odd when first reading them, it does make sense why Patreon would be aiming to follow through on artists being banned if they are promoting work that depicts underage women. Also, apparently, the furry community also has artwork that could be considered bestiality, so that must be taken down as well. That sounds odd too, but the idea behind banning that material makes sense. Most of these artworks are based on fictional characters, but the community standards need to be upheld throughout, so nothing nefarious is happening behind the scenes.

Artists are meant to have creative freedom, however, showcasing sexual situations that involve a minor is certainly not going to happen. That is why Patreon has seen fit to potentially get these artists banned. Again, sexualizing a minor is likely not what most of these artists are doing, but it appears to look that way. The previously mentioned artist had to essentially go through uploads and take them down or suffer being banned from the platform altogether. He complained that going to six years’ worth of artwork would take a lifetime to take down, but had apparently asked the community to aid him in going through his expansive years of creating art in the anime-styled women.

Any sort of pedophilia of any kind is going to raise red flags for any platform, and it rightfully should. The idea that a woman needs to be a certain height or breast size to be considered an adult is ridiculous though. However, this particular art style that is getting artists banned might be along those lines, so it will be dealt with.